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4 Libido Types

Find out which kind of sex drive you have, to see if you and your guy are in sync.

Ever feel like your libidos are stuck in separate lanes? That's because "they're as varied as our personalities are," explains Sandra Pertot, PhD, author of When Your Sex Drives Don't Match. To help you mesh with your man, we've found the four most common types. Knowing what your partner craves will help prevent sexual ruts (if you share similar tastes) and get you in harmony (no matter how different your drives are).

Type #1: Sensualists

They use sex to express their love. These hopeless romantics crave lots of eye contact, deep kissing, prolonged foreplay, and post-coital cuddling.

Type #2: Adventurers

They believe that if the sex isn't on point, neither is the relationship. They measure their pleasure by sexual enthusiasm and variety (in positions and changes of scenery).

Type #3: Pleasers

They get off most by controlling the action and gratifying their partners, even if it means that they have to put their own needs on the back burner.

Type #4: Thinkers

They love to fantasize, but stress (either about their performance or bodies) sometimes torpedoes their libidos, so they need reassurance.

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