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5 Lessons You Learn From Dating A Younger Guy

No, it's not like dating a child.

1. You learn to be humble.
“Just because the guy happens to be younger doesn’t necessarily mean he can’t teach you a thing or two. More often than not, people think that because you’re older means that you have the experience to back up the age difference. What they forget is that despite the obvious age gap, may matututunan ka pa din from your younger partner. That’s the case between me and Adrian. Even if he happens to be five years younger, I still learn so many new things from him. The age difference shouldn’t be a reason for you to discount the possibility that you can learn something from someone younger than you. ” - Anna, 35

2. You realize that they are mature, too.
“I dated a guy 6 years my junior but he was a whole lot more mature than my ex. He never acted childish and he was able to handle the fact that I had a toxic job. 'Yung ex ko was always bitchy when my work demanded a lot of my time. The younger guy, he even helps me with my work even if he has to finish his own stuff. Why can’t older men or men my age be like that?” - Maan, 30

3. Your relationship can be drama- and stress-free.
“I don’t know if it’s because he’s younger kaya he’s more chill but it’s been less drama and stress for me since we became a couple. Ron taught me to take it easy and not take everything in life too seriously. Otherwise, I’ll look even older than I already am. It’s an awesome feeling to be relaxed and drama-free in life. I owe that to my younger boyfriend.” - Colleen, 24

4. Younger guys are hyperactive.
“ I guess because they’re young, they’re always hyper and always raring to go. I needed that in my life because friends were telling me already that I was starting to become boring. When Paolo came into my life, he taught me how to have a good time again and how important it is to unwind and celebrate life. It can’t all be just family and work. Since then, my friends say I’ve become easier to get along with.” - Ilene, 29

5. But nobody is perfect. They can still be immature sometimes.
“Because they happen to be younger, they tend to make decisions that aren’t really great. The younger guy I was dating thought it was cool to still hang out with his ex. Plus he didn’t really know how to take care of me and handle our relationship. He had this idea that because I happened to be older, I should be the one steering the wheel! Talk about immature! I am never dating a younger guy again!” - Angel, 29

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