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5 Player Tricks We All Fall For

"Yes, of course I'm single."

1. “I don’t have a girlfriend. I’ve been single for a while now.”
Okay, cool. So why does your Facebook profile say "In a relationship" with *insert girlfriend’s name*? If you were going to lie about that, maybe you should have thought twice before adding me on Facebook. 

2. The back caress and shoulder rub.
He makes you feel special by keeping you close all night and following you around like a puppy. What you don't know is while he has his arm around you, he's checking out that other chick from the bar. 

3. “I'm a good boy. I don't normally go out and party. Tonight is just an exception.”
Says the guy who knows all the bouncers, waiters, and basically everyone in da club.

4. You text all day! As for the follow-through? Zilch, zip, nada!
Apart from the night you met, your only means of communication is through a screen. You make plans to meet up, but they never actually happen. There are only so many times his dog can die. 

5. “Hey, let's just stay in tonight instead of going to that party, okay? I want you all to myself.
What he really means: My friends will most likely be there, and I don't want them to know I'm dating you. So let's just cuddle and keep this our little secret, okay?

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