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5 Sneaky Things Bad Boys Do To Manipulate You

Do NOT fall for these tricks.

1. He showers you with gifts when he messes up.
He flakes on you for the third time in a week and makes up for it by sending you a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers, and concert tickets. There's no way you can stay mad at him after that, right? But what happens when it happens again next week? He's bound to run out of supply at some point. Girl, don't let him buy your love.

2. He makes empty promises.
"Babe, I'll never cheat on you. You're the only girl I'll ever love. I won't even look at anyone else, promise." So why the hell were you ogling that chick from the bar? Words don't mean anything unless they are put into action.

3. He brainwashes you into believing it’s your fault even if you didn’t do anything wrong.
Have you ever dated a guy who managed to turn every single argument around to make you look like the bad person? He shows up late; it's your fault for not confirming the time of your date. He doesn't wake up for his 8 a.m. meeting; it's your fault for keeping him up last night. The list goes on.

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4. He guilt-trips you into thinking your jealousy is unreasonable.
You see him flirting with another girl and when you confront him about it, he tells you you're overreacting. He might even call you clingy and possessive, which makes you question what you witnessed. Here's the thing: it's totally okay for your guy to have female friends, but it's not okay if he treats them the same way he treats you (because duh, YOU'RE his girlfriend). You need to set boundaries.

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5. He points out how lucky you are to be with him (instead of the other way around).
He doesn't necessarily have to say it explicitly, but there are guys who are masters of self-admiration. He knows other girls want him too, and he'll make sure you know about it. Does he gloat when someone compliments him? Does he threaten to leave you for someone hotter? Does he brag about the chick at the party who wouldn't stop staring at him all night? Ditch the douchebag. 

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