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5 Things To Try Before Calling it Quits

Some things are worth fighting for.

1. Break the routine.
It gets tiring doing the same things over and over again. Find ways to inject something new into the relationship at least once a week, just to make things exciting. If you’ve been eating at the same resto for dinner, change it up by cooking for him at home instead. Simple random acts you normally take for granted might actually save your relationship. Make the first move from time to time, CGs. Your man will appreciate the gesture.

2. Reflect on the past.
There is a reason you got together in the first place. Take a trip down memory lane and try to remember why you fell in love with him. Rekindle the spark by reminiscing about the good memories you shared together, and find more reasons to stay in love and committed to your partner. Do the ligawan stage all over again if you have to!

3. Get rid of your fears.
Instead of pushing him away, try to be appreciative whenever your guy wants to do a little PDA with you. After all, it’s not everyday that you meet a guy who would love to show the world how lucky he is to have you as his girl. It ain't gonna work out if you’re afraid to be vulnerable. Don’t be scared to do new things together. 

4. Go on a road trip together.
There’s nothing a road trip can’t fix. Play music you both like, take awesome photos, and just have a great time. Take it a notch further by turning off all your gadgets so that you have less distractions and you can focus all your attention on each other. Be spontaneous with your activities. Alone time with your partner makes the relationship stronger.

5. Work on yourself.
It's possible that you’ve been focusing too much on your guy and your relationship that you’ve forgotten to love yourself. Remember that before you can even love another person, you have to focus on developing a better version of yourself first. Sure, your guy may have loved you for your awesomeness, but wouldn’t he love you more if you were at your Beyonce? 

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