6 Ways You Make Your Guy Feel Emasculated And How To Avoid It

Embarrassing him in front of your friends. #yikes

1. Comparing salaries

So you make more money than he does and your professional life is more successful. Don’t rub your extra bonuses, company car, and unlimited amount of vacation leaves in his face. As long as he’s making a decent living, there’s no reason to metaphorically stomp on his balls with your bigger paycheck.

Avoid it: Until you’re in it for the long haul and comfortable enough to disclose monetary matters, it would be in the best interest of the relationship to be discreet about how much you earn. Money has a notorious reputation for breaking up couples. Don’t think for a second your relationship is in the clear.  

2. Telling him he’s not stellar in the bedroom

Things get steamy after a hot date. You start to rip each other’s clothes off in a sexual frenzy. Before you know it you guys are caught up in ménage of flesh, ready to climax in ecstasy. But wait, before you know it, he’s already finished off without finishing you off. This just happens too often and you castigate him for it.

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Avoid it: What happened to working on the problem together? Sex is an “it takes two to tango” kind of activity, so maybe he’s not the only one to blame. Heighten the tension by spicing things up with more foreplay. If it’s a medical issue, there are actually treatments for premature ejaculation. Deal with it in a manner that will uplift your awareness of each other rather than pointing fingers.

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3. Allowing your parents to meddle in your affairs

Running to your daddy when there’s a bump in the road means you aren’t completely #adult. The solemnity of a relationship is hinged on the promise that you guys rely on one another when push comes to shove, and don't seek salvation from outside forces, especially if the outside forces are your parents.

Avoid it: Before consulting dear old mom and dad about sensitive topics that should be saved for you and your partner, make sure it’s okay with your beau to do so.  

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4. Embarrassing him in front of your friends

Light jokes are fine. Funny anecdotes are even passable. But when you start castrating him in front of your gal pals during a social setting, that’s when you know you’ve won the bitch badge of honor.

Avoid it: Why not be proud of him instead? Try celebrating your bond as lovers rather than airing your dirty laundry for your circle to see. You chose him as a romantic partner and painting a not-so-admirable picture of him for people to judge only reveals your insecurities.  

5. Nagging him when he’s with his bros

Constant queries of “Where are you?” and “What time are you coming home?” when he’s spending time with his buddies will not only make him look like a submissive coward, but it will also make you seem like a needy nag. 

Avoid it: It’s one thing if he’s always out irresponsibly getting drunk, but if he just wants to catch up with his mates once in awhile, don’t make him feel like he’s turning his back on you. How would you feel if he said you couldn’t have girl’s night with your BFFs?

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6. Shaping the way he looks to fit a personality

Okay, so he dresses like a hipster bum, his grooming skills aren’t up to par, and his sense of style is not as on fleek as you’d want it to be. Don’t overhaul his sense of self to curate to your personal needs and standards. That’s just called being selfish. If you don’t approve of how he is then why are you with him in the first place?

Avoid it: Shop together. Make suggestions. Be honest. Don’t just try to mold him into a totally different character when you know he won’t be comfortable. When you’re able to show him that this is all sincere and in his best interest, he’ll gladly follow you down that path.

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