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7 Foreplay Alternatives To Test Out In The Sack

Play footsie under the dinner table.

1. Be cold as ice...
By using an ice cube to titillate each other’s sensitive body parts. You’ve seen it done in the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, right? Allow your man to use the ice cube to trace along your warm, naked body. The chilling sensation will leave you ~*breathless*~.

2. Get revved up in public.
If you’re out on a date with your guy, begin the (sneaky) heavy petting by playing footsie under the dinner table. At a dark cinema for a movie? Do some above-the-pants rubbing under the guise of an oversized popcorn bucket or a hoodie. Your risky business will heighten the excitement. And before you know it, you two will be ripping each other’s clothes off once you’ve shut the apartment door behind you. 

3. Get appropriately, uh, drunk.
Some pre-sex drinking should get you two in the mood for some heated lovemaking. The poison of choice to get your blood boiling: tequila! Just make sure you’re not crazy-ass drunk—otherwise your beau might experience a sad case of whiskey dick, or worse, you might vomit all over him! Ew!

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4. Let him tickle your behind.
Guys tend to focus on the front side of a woman during foreplay. Turn around, lie on your front, and have him use his tongue to lick you from nape to bum. Ask him to utilize his tongue skills by stopping at certain trigger points like the small of your back or your butt cheeks for added pleasure.

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5. Write him a dirty love letter.
Get all erotic by sending each other nasty notes about all the lascivious things you’ll do to each other once your under the sheets. If you want to be all modern about it, take apps like Snapchat or Viber and send a dirty pic or three for maximum teasing. Just make sure not to include your head in the pic; it’s just safer that way.

6. Use lube.
Products to make things a bit more slippery while in action are in store shelves for a reason. The reason being, they can make things more pleasurable for women. Dryness in the vaginal area can make sex painful. Having lubrication for foreplay purposes will not only get you wet, but will be a welcome sensation different from intercourse that relies purely on your natural juices.

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7. Blindfold him.
Instead of him shrouding your world in darkness, why not take a blindfold to his eyes so that you can be in control. Once he is deprived of his sight, he will rely on his other senses for pleasure cues. Whisper in his ears. Using your breath, blow on his vulnerable spots to tantalize him into wanting more. Add an extra oomph by tying his hands to the bedposts, so he’s yours to do as you please. He’ll be more than happy to be your bedroom slave.