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7 Sex Drive Killers

Haven't been in the mood lately? These might be the reasons why.

1. Low self-esteem
If you pay too much attention on how you look rather than the act itself, you'll kill the mood not only for yourself but for your partner too. If you feel sexy, you will look sexy. Self-confidence will definitely put you in the right mood.

2. Lack of intimacy
Don't wait until your sack session to feel close to your man. Simple touches like holding hands, cuddling, and massaging will deepen your connection. By finding ways to express your love without sex, you have more chances of rebuilding your sex drive.

3. Alcohol
Drunk sex may be fun and exciting, but having too much alcohol in your system can actually numb your sex drive. Also, wouldn't you want to remember every little detail of how amazing it was so you can do it again?

4. Lack of sleep
Feeling tired all the time? That's probably why you're hardly ever in the mood for some sexy time. Fatigue kills your sex drive because your body lacks energy, causing you to favor extra sleep over sex. Rest up so you can stay up!

5. Stress
There's no way you can concentrate on having sex if you have a million other things on your mind. Learn how to to handle stressful situations and you'll be back on track in no time.

6. Relationship problems
This one is a major buzz kill. Lack of communication, resentment, and other issues usually take its toll on your sex drive. Be open with your partner and let him know right away if there's a problem so that you can ressolve it ASAP.

7. Depression
Depression sucks the pleasure out of everything, including sex. Talk to a friend, your partner, or a therapist if necessary.

Source: WebMD

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