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7 Signs He's Not Ready For A Serious Relationship

Saying 'I love you' scares him shitless.

1. Any talk of marriage gets him all antsy. When this comes up in a conversation, he skirts around it and your attempts at gauging his opinion on the matter fall on deaf ears. 

You: My friend told me that having a child can be difficult, but the joy of it 
outweighs all the tough times.
Him: Hmmm…you wanna go see the new Avengers movie?
You: …

It’s not like you're proposing or planning your future offspring. These are issues that should be taken into consideration if you’re both in the relationship for the long haul.

2. He only returns your calls and messages at odd hours of the evening. You know what that means: BOOTY CALL! 
3. He’s out the door like it’s nobody’s business. Because he already got what he wanted, which is a wham-bam-thank-you-mam f*ck and fly. If you have serious feelings for a guy who only sees you as that girl, it might be in your best interest to hold out. Let the douchebag suffer a little (or a lot). As the lola saying goes: “Nobody’s going to want to buy the cow if they can get the milk for free.” 

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4. He’d rather remain a man-child so he doesn’t have to confront responsibility. How can you plan and build a life together if he’s always got his hands on a videogame controller? The answer: hide the power chord!

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5. He refuses to meet your family and close friends. Not for fear of being judged or rejected, but because he doesn’t want to invest emotionally in people he knows aren’t going to be part of his future anyway. Ouch.

6. He doesn’t post anything about you on social media. No photos of your sweet dates on Facebook or Instagram. No relationship status to define what you two
really are and ward away lurkers. No sweet public status updates during special
occasions. Heck, you guys aren’t even friends! #alamna

7. Saying “ I love you” scares him shitless. It’s the phrase that almost everyone is afraid to utter unless they REALLY mean it, which should be the case. If you guys have been going at it for a reasonable amount of time and he can’t express those three words with sheer sincerity, it’s probably because he doesn’t feel that way about you. It might be sad, but it’s true. :(

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