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7 Things You Need To Know About Your Sex Drive

It's pretty complicated, but that's not a bad thing.

1. Women's sexual turn-ons are more complicated than men's.

Research has found that men are specific about who or what arouses them, whom they want to have sex with, and whom they want to fall in love with. For instance, if a man is straight, for sure he's aroused by porn depicting male-female sex and female-female sex. If he's gay, he's turned on by male-male sex.

As for women, those who are straight admit to being aroused by male-female sex but their genitals react the same way to female-female and male-male sex. Does it mean they're also aroused? No. There's hardly an overlap between a woman's arousal and what's happening to her genitals. Women's genitals are found to respond to practically anything, but it doesn't mean she's aroused or even wants to have sex.

Researchers also found that because women's sex drives are less specific, they're more capable of being interested in someone of the same sex than men are.

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2. A woman's libido is influenced by the social and cultural environment she's in.

Several studies have found the following:

- Women who regularly attend church are less likely to have a very open attitude about sex. Men have no such connection between regular church attendance and attitude toward sex.

- Women have shown to be more inconsistent than men about their expressed values on sexual activities (like premarital sex) and their actual behavior.

There's no official word yet on why women's sex drives are more susceptible to influence.

3. Women have a different path to sexual arousal from men.

Sex is very straightforward to men, according to psychotherapist Esther Perel. You can bet that when a girl who's out with a guy asks him "Wanna have sex?" he'll say either "Hell yeah" or "Why not." But a guy can't just ask that out of the blue. He might just ruin his chances with her for good. According to Esther, women need a build up and some emotional connection first (it doesn't have to be deep).

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4. The more the testosterone, the higher the libido.

The hormone has a lot to do with men and women's sex drive. But of course for women there are other factors in the mix like her mood and attitude on sex.

FYI, a study found that healthy women with higher testosterone levels are more interested in masturbation than making love.

5. Alcohol isn't always good for the sex drive.

It depends on the situation. If you're too drunk to breathe, there's no way sex will be on your mind. But if you need a little help letting loose, having a few sips or drinking moderately can do the trick.

6. Your libido spikes when you're ovulating.

When you're ovulating, your estrogen and testosterone levels are high, hence leading to a higher sexual desire. If you want to get preggers, you know when to do it! If you don't, BE SAFE. Don't lose your head to your hormones. Or whoremones.

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7. Some foods can boost your sex drive but they're not really aphrodisiacs.

No food has been proven to directly get you in the mood. Those oysters? If you think they get you feeling it, it could be because you think they'll do just that. It's psychosomatic.

But food has nutrients, and when your body gets the nutrients it lacks (hence needs), your overall health will improve. And with better health comes the sex drive.

Let's not forget the power of a fun, relaxing, and hot dinner date.

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