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7 Worst Things Clingy Girlfriends Do

a.k.a. "7 Reasons Why You're Breaking Up Tomorrow."

Has your man ever asked for some "personal space?" Has he ever complained of being suffocated? You may be guilty of one or two of these clingy habits. Stop now before you drive him away completely!

1. You regularly check his phone, text messages, IM conversations, Whatsapp, Viber messages, e-mails, call log, etc.

Easily the most common habit of clingy girlfriends of the 21st century! When you fiddle with your boyfriend’s phone, you intrude into his most private space. Why not politely ask who he is texting (Warning: too much of this can get annoying, too!) rather than ninja-checking his phone?

2. You’re in touch with him 24/7 and when he doesn’t text back within two minutes, you begin to call him.

Define: Needy. Fine, occasional updates during the day won’t hurt, but if he has to send you photos of all his meals and text you every time he pees, then there must be something psychologically wrong with (both of) you!

3. You demand for the passwords of his phone, email, and social media accounts.

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Similar to #1 above, this is a telltale sign of insecurity. If you are confident that your boyfriend is not hiding anything from you, then there is no need to raid his inbox.

4. Your Facebook and Instagram posts are always about him or OF him.

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We understand—it’s the modern way of marking your territory! The occasional cyber cheesiness may be tolerable, but constant and intoxicating cyber PDA is unhealthy. You wouldn’t want to be the subject of everyone’s "Hide" or "Unfollow" or "Unfriend" button right?

5. You forbid him from having any female friends.

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Seriously, you have to understand that he had a life before you and he also has a life to live now. Not only will this drive your man away, but this also shows low self-esteem.

6. You make sure you are present at every one of his office or family parties and even crash BNOs!

There’s nothing wrong with being a part of each other’s worlds—you get to know his family and colleagues and he gets to know yours. This will help you understand each other better. But deliberately crashing parties and BNOs just to keep an eye on him spells: INSECURE GIRLFRIEND.

7. You have the contact numbers of his entire family, barkada, and officemates to make sure you have someone to call in case he doesn’t answer your calls.

Unless he’s been missing for hours and he has given you zero clues of his whereabouts, fight the urge to call ALL his friends, workmates, and family members. Would you really want to be branded as the "psychotic girlfriend?"



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