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8 Things To Know About Your Partner If You're In It For The Long Haul

You don't want to fight about money, seriously.

1. Where he wants to live.

Does he want to stay in the Philippines or live somewhere abroad? Does he want a city life or the laidback rural life? Does he plan on living with his parents in the long run? Does he want to live in a house or in a condo? And how about you? People usually have an idea of where they want to settle down, and couples who're looking to be together for the long haul have to know if compromises are possible and if either of them is even willing to compromise.

2. Beliefs or worldview.

This isn't so much about religion as it is about your values and principles. If his values don't agree with yours, can you both agree to disagree? If either of you can't handle your differences in worldview (and, in turn, lifestyle), you'll cause a strain in your relationship.

3. Does he want a family?

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And do you? You wouldn't want to settle with someone who wants a child so badly but you don't, or someone who doesn't want one when you do. Sure, it's something other couples deal with and maybe even resolve (beacause it can be). But if you want a child (or none) more than anything else in the world, you'll be much happier with a guy that's as great as the guy you're with now, but is also in the same page as you are when it comes to family matters. If you realize that you wouldn't replace your guy for anybody else in the world, great! Now let's hope he feels the same, LOL! Just kidding.

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4. How he handles money.

Money is one of the most common things older couples fight about. Money issues like debt, budgeting, taxes, or creating joint bank accounts will surface, and so will the stress and resentment. If you guys have the same spending habits and the same value for and attitude towards money, you'll have one less big thing to argue about in the future that might threaten the relationship.

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5. How he treats other people.

Is your guy so full of himself that he thinks he's better than everyone else? Does he look down on other people? Does he take advantage of them? Is he forgiving, is he rude to family, colleagues, friends, and strangers? Because if he's pretty cruel or harsh, he might just be the same with you one day. And then another day and then another. Can you be with someone who's pretty horrible? Do you even want that?

6. His kinks.

This includes how much sex he wants to have and if he's realistic or can be realistic about it. Sex makes people in a relationship feel desired and wanted, and that's important. If your sexual needs are different, see if you can make your expectations meet to cushion some bitterness that's bound to arise if one feels unwanted or unsatisfied.

7. How he deals with stress or anger.

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Does he want to be alone? Is he the type to become violent? Can you deal with him if ever he's violent or just plain frustrating? Everyone gets stressed, and the stress will never really go away (until retirement age, maybe). You have to know how you can adjust and make him feel better, because you wouldn't want to aggravate the situation and make yourselves feel worse.

8. If he believes in staying with just one person for the rest of his life.

Also, what's his view on cheating? If he doesn't believe that people can stay with one person and love that person the rest of his life, that should be okay if you feel the same way, too. But if you guys disagree, you're setting yourself for some heartache. But if it seems that he can be convinced (by you) that people can love each other and be faithful for a lifetime, you can keep doing what you're doing. Just make sure you're doing it because you love him more than you love a challenge.

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