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9 Good Reasons To Sleep With Him

Because sometimes 'because I bet he's really good at it' is the perfect reason.

1. His body makes Chris Pine look like a Muppet. And you want to put it on yours immediately to see if some sort of wildfire ignites that then makes both of you explode into particles.

2. You have a feeling he'd be one of the guys you look back on and think, Oh shit, that's right. Paul. Mhm. And let me tell you something, I regret not the memories I made like this and only the ones I did not make (seriously, it's good for masturbation purposes years after it happens. Sometimes decades.)

3. He treats you really, really, really well. So well that you're fairly convinced he's under the impression that you're part of some sort of royal family. 

4. He makes you happy in a way that no antidepressant has ever come remotely close to. Like, "listening to Carly Rae Jepsen songs on repeat while thinking about how hyped you are on him and smiling like a nerd the whole time" happy. 

5. Even talking to him about his day makes you want to jump him immediately. "So then you went to the bakery to pick up some muffins for breakfast? Mhm. Continue. What? I'm just unbuttoning your pants. That's not interrupting. That's multitasking."

6. Because you bet he's really good at it. There's something about the way he touches your hand and brushes your hair off your face that makes you think you would love it more than you're even fully prepared for and good god, is that a great reason to go for it.

7. It's been a long time since you've had sex and you know he'd be cool about it. Is he someone you want to start dating in an official capacity? No, but man, it'd be great to get off with someone who was not a purple vibrator.

8. When you kiss each other, your brain temporarily leaves your body and travels up into space. If you're that great at kissing each other, you pretty much owe it to yourself to take off all your clothes and see if everything else is as mind-blowing.

9. Because you just freaking want to. You think about it all the time, you masturbate to it sometimes, and you know he'd be into it. BRB, texting... 


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