PSA: Morning Sex Makes You More Productive!

Best. News. EVER.
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Every Sunday, I have this vision of how I'm going to start the week feeling productive. I wake up extra early the next day, make a fresh pot of coffee, exercise a little, and maybe catch up on the news before I walk to the MRT. 

But what really happens is I sleep through two alarms and when my eyes finally decide to cooperate, I lay in bed scrolling through my phone until I frantically get up and rush out the door. And the panic sort of lasts all morning. 

For couples whose mornings sound too much like mine, apparently, you can remedy this by scheduling a lil morning romp before you head to work. 

Mattress Advisor surveyed 1,000 couples who live together about their morning routines. For the most part, it went something like this: Use the bathroom, check phone, drink coffee, snooze the alarm for a little more sleep, shower, brush teeth, take care of pets, drink water, exercise, and have sex with partner.

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But on days when they felt extra productive, the routine went like this: Use the bathroom, have coffee, shower, sex up partner, check phone, exercise, brush teeth, eat breakfast, take care of pets, and drink water.

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Unsurprisingly, men were more game to sacrifice sleep for sex (41.5 minutes vs the 30.7 minutes women were willing to give up, LOL). 53 percent of the male respondents and 45 percent of female participants said morning sex made them feel more productive; seven percent of men and 12 percent of women said it made them less efficient. 

Happy humping!

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