These Simple Sex Positions Can Actually Feel Incredible

Don't underestimate the missionary.
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What could be better than a really, super easy sex position that also feels amazing? The sex position experts at Love Pleasure share their top four underrated sex positions.

1. Missionary, obvs

Let’s get this one over and done with first—ironically, probably your exact thoughts when someone suggests this age-old position. But we think it’s got a bad rep for no reason. Not only is there tons of skin-on-skin contact and the potential for plenty of intense eye contact, there are ways to jazz it up a bit. Lift your legs onto your partner's shoulders to really intensify this position, and to allow him to go even deeper. 

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2. Standing

Now the reason this one is so underrated is because most people write it off straight away. It’s definitely not the easiest position on the list, but we say it’s worth the effort—and practice makes perfect! In the heat of the moment, you’ll love how passionate and hot this position is.

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3. Spooning

We all know what spooning leads to. So why is this position seen as such a snooze fest? It’s the perfect position for the man to really take control and maximize your pleasure, by reaching round with his free hand and bringing you even closer to climax by stimulating your clitoris. You’ll be surprised at how good spooning can be.

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4. Side by side

Looking for something incredibly intimate? This is the position for you. It can be a bit of a tricky position to get into the swing of, but once you’ve got the hang of it we’ll sure it’ll be a go-to position.


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