The Bitchy Girl's Guide To Flirting

Try to be nice, will you?

Does your resting bitch face make it hard for you to hit it off with guys? Don’t worry, we know you’re not doing it on purpose—well, at least not all the time. So here’s a cheat sheet to help you soften up a bit:

1. Smile more.
Who can resist a sweet smile? Not only will it make you look more approachable, but it will encourage him to actually strike a conversation with you.

2. Be attentive and make eye contact.
Girls with a resting bitch face tend to look bored and mataray all the time, so you’ll have to consciously make an effort to control your facial movements. Nod your head from time to time so he knows you’re listening, and try not to roll your eyes when he says something dumb or weird.

3. Laugh at his jokes.
Yes, even the corny ones. He’s nervous enough as it is—if you don’t laugh, he’ll think you are disinterested, hard to please, or downright cold. Just roll with it. If you have jokes of your own up your sleeve, crack some yourself.

4. Keep the conversation going.
Don’t make it all about you. Ask him questions and comment on the things he says. When it’s your turn to talk, don’t shut him down with one-word answers. You never know, you might just click.

5. Touch his arm once in a while.
It will let him know that you’re listening and interested. Also, he’ll probably get really kilig because it shows that you’re comfortable around him, which will make him more comfortable, too.

6. Be polite.
Even if you aren’t into him, it always pays to be polite. Sincerity is always an attractive trait. If you really have to or want to leave already, don’t just walk away. Excuse yourself and say you have some other place to be.

Just make sure he knows you're actually making an effort to get to know him. Master that, and you're good to go.

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