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8 *Unforgettable* Love And Relationship Advice We Learned From Our Fave Local Celebrities

'A relationship is never gonna be easy. Who says it's easy?'
Andrea Brilantes and Nadine Lustre
PHOTO: Instagram/blythe, Instagram/nadine

We always love the most controversial quotes from celebrities. But more than that, we at Cosmopolitan, adore celebrity insights that resonate so much with their experiences and ours too.

So putting aside all the tea and controversies, here's a quick summary of some of our most memorable quotes from our favorite stars that speak volumes about relationships this 2023. Maybe these could be your next caption for your next self-love IG post or dinner date post. *wink*

These female local celebrities provide the best advice about love and relationships:

1. Lovi Poe: "If you want to keep it going, you will make it work."

On top of our list is Lovi Poe. Coming from a long-distance relationship, Lovi imparted really helpful advice for women and couples wondering and struggling if LDR would work for them.

She admitted in a quick chat with Cosmo that she also had difficulty committing to LDR with her now-husband Monty Blencowe. But then, no matter the circumstances, it all depends on the people navigating the relationship. "If you want to keep it going, you will make it work," she said.

lovi poe

2. Chie Filomeno: "You don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy"

Before her recent dating confirmation with Jake Cuenca, Chie Filomeno had the time of her life as a single woman. The July 2023 Cosmopolitan Philippines cover girl, shared with Cosmo her two cents about love.

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She said, "You don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy." But once you do commit to a romantic relationship, Chie reckoned to leave something for yourself, you guys. "'Wag kang maubos. Kasi ‘pag naubos ka, hindi ka na maniniwala sa love e," the actress declared.

Ultimately, if there's a chance, Chie wants you to enjoy singlehood as much as possible. "With singlehood, just enjoy it. Doon mo rin mahahanap yung confidence mo, ‘pag naging single ka," she remarked.

chie filomeno

3. Sunshine Cruz: "Single ladies, get out and have fun with other singles because we deserve it!"

If you ever felt bummed about being single last Valentine's Day (perhaps until now), Sunshine Cruz strongly believes that there is nothing wrong with that. Valentine's Day isn't always about romantic relationships, sometimes it could also be celebrated with friends and other people you love. Galentine's, as Sunshine and her daughters would call it.

Sunshine who recently came from an almost six-year relationship, encouraged all the single ladies this year's Hearts' Day to fully enjoy the day as a single woman.

"We don’t always need a partner to celebrate Hearts' Day. We can also spend it with people we love and care about the most (parents, children, friends). Single ladies, get out and have fun with other singles because we deserve it!” she told Cosmo.

Well, she's not wrong, ladies. Make sure to always have fun, regardless of your relationship status!

sunshine cruz

4. Kylie Padilla: "Not all loves are meant to be forever."

It was the start of a new era for Kylie Padilla as she bravely moved forward in her life, despite her controversial past relationship.

Brimming with wisdom from her eventful past relationship, Kylie thinks that everything that happened was only part of life, and it's normal. She loved, she lost, and she had no regrets about it. She just wished that it remained private.


"Kasi lahat naman tayo, ano e, pagdadaanan natin e. It's part of life too, 'di ba? Not all loves are meant to be forever. [...] I just wish that some things remained private," the September 2023 Cosmopolitan Philippines cover girl said.

Kylie padilla

5. Andrea Brillantes: "If I really wanted to date a guy now, e 'di sana meron na."

So this one wasn't really a piece of love advice—but we have to admit that Andrea Brillantes certainly put out a lesson about her self-worth with this controversial clapback of hers.


It was her reaction to people calling her "trying too hard" to have a new boyfriend. The netizens' feedback came after her viral vlog where she mentioned having a crush on Jakob PoturnakIn a TikTok video, Andrea reiterated that the vlog was just for fun and nothing serious, really.

It's public knowledge that Andrea had a messy breakup with basketball player, Ricci Rivero. After which, the brilliant actress entered her ~*self-love era*~

"It’s also funny kasi ang dami nagsasabi na hanap ako nang hanap, or I’m trying hard. Come on guys, not to be mayabang or anything, but I don’t really need to try. Like, it’s really not that hard for me, just being honest. If I really wanted to date a guy now, e 'di sana meron na," she proclaimed. Go girl!

andrea brillantes

6. Nadine Lustre: "Communication goes a long way. It works wonders."

~The president~ Nadine Lustre always has good advice and quotes to live by. The Cosmopolitan Philippines March 2023 cover girl was asked about her thoughts on keeping the spark alive during a long-distance relationship.

The award-winning actress shared that simple things like an online movie date nowadays, or just a quick chat with your partner could already make your LDR work. She said that above everything else, it's communication that strengthens a relationship, no matter how far you are from each other. "Communication goes a long way. It works wonders," Nadine noted.

nadine lustre

7. Nadine Lustre: "A relationship is never gonna be easy. Who says it's easy?"

Because we love her, here's another one from Nadine. When talking about being jealous in relationships, Nadine candidly shared that jealousy is rooted in your self-confidence and trust in your partner.

However, she says that these things take time to build, especially the connection with your lover. Then again, it's never easy to be in a committed relationship. Nadine admitted, "A relationship is never gonna be easy. Who says it's easy?" 

nadine lustre

8. Pia Wurtzbach: "No matter what happens, no matter how busy life gets, how hectic work gets, I always have that person to go back to."

October 2023 Cosmopolitan Philippines cover girl, Pia Wurtzbach not only teaches us how to be *confidently beautiful with a heart* but also teaches us how love should be. Pia, who is happily married to Jeremy Jaunceyfeels really secure in their relationship—and they never get tired of being kilig with each other.

Their busy schedules and different timezones most of the time do not actually matter, as they always have each others' back, and it's something that Pia appreciates so much.

"I feel secure in the relationship. No matter what happens, no matter how busy life gets, how hectic work gets, I always have that person to go back to," Pia told Cosmo.

pia wurtzbach and jeremy jauncey

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