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Cosmo Confessions: What Do You Want To Change About Your Current Relationship?

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No relationship is perfect, everybody knows that. Sometimes, especially after a big fight, you just wish you could change some things about your partner. For today's Cosmo Confessions, we asked the readers exactly that.

Priority problems

"[The] only thing I want to change about my current relationship is that I wish he would choose me over his friends every once in a while." —LastOfHisPriorities

Ex's baggage

"Well, I want to accept my lover's past with his exes. I don't know what to do. It [usually] just ends up in a big fight. What should I do?

Who knows?

"I'm actually [having] doubts [about] my current relationship. So if there's one thing I want to change, maybe my boyfriend? Haha, kidding. I love my boyfriend so much, but I wish things were different. I hope he knows how to become a real boyfriend and not just a fucking-boyfriend."

In the moment

"I want us to be more spontaneous...more careless...and just live in the moment."


Baby daddy

"How I wish [he wasn't] the father of my son. [He's] a useless piece of crap."

Change of heart

"In the first few months of our relationship, he [was] very patient with me. He lives in the south while I live somewhere in the east. He always drops by our house before he goes home from the office just to see me for a few minutes and kiss me good night. He rarely gets mad even if I do annoying stuff. Now, we are currently on our second year and he's always snapping [at me] and getting mad for no reason. Our relationship has been very toxic since last year. Sometimes I wonder if he still loves me."

Hard to bear

"The one thing I hope I can change is the way we [think] our relationship won't last in the long run. Even if we don't say it directly to each other, we know that we feel scared and doubtful that maybe one day, we'll find each other deciding to just break up because we feel that it's not going to work out anymore. If only we could focus [less] on our maybes or what-ifs, then the relationship could be a little less straining and [more] bearable at the moment."


"I'm in a happy relationship right now, but sometimes, it turns out [to be] so toxic. Sometimes, sobrang higpit ng partner ko sa akin na tipong matabi lang ako sa lalaki (na officemate ko) sa labas with friends sobrang magagalit na siya and tuwing nagiging gano'n siya, naiisip ko na sana hindi na lang ako naglihim sa kanya kaya siya naging gano'n. Simula nung naglihim ako sa kanya na I'm talking to my ex because my ex's girlfriend is seeking some closure, he started doubting himself at iniisip niya magloloko ako anytime. I just realize na any form of cheating really destroys someone. And kung may babaguhin ako, yun ang babaguhin ko because my boyfriend does not deserve to feel like that at para magbunga ng ka-toxic-an sa relationship namin." —Miss Closure


Other woman

"I wish my husband would stop cheating on me....that he would cut all his ties with that girl." —Jen

Will he ever be ready?

"I wish I could change the fact that I let my relationship last more than one year [and allowed] my boyfriend [to] refuse to meet my parents [while] ignoring the fact that he also hasn't introduced me [to his] yet. It feels weird [to be] with someone and plan a future with him without his family [knowing about us]. He says that he's not ready to meet my family since he's not that financially stable yet and his family trusts him enough not to meddle with his relationship but it feels like he's hiding something.Elle

His business

"I'm currently dating a guy who is way older than me; he's 39. I'm in med school while he's into business, full-time. Seems like it's an okay story but coming from a very practical family, I think you're much more stable when you are [a full-time employee] even while doing business. I'm proud of him no matter what, and I'm always glad that I met him; I also have faith in him. But I can't stop thinking [about] what [could] happen if his business [doesn't] succeed...considering that it is [his only source of] income and considering also his age. I'm not materialistic, I can buy my own things. It's just that I am worried. I wish he [waited] for his business to bloom before he quit his job.Donna


Pound for pound

"One thing that bothers me in my current relationship is that we eat a lot. Like there's a lot of new food to try and pretty places to hang out in. We've gained 10 kilos since we started dating. We've been together for more than two years already, and we tried to limit [our food intake], but it's really hard to maintain a figure in this situation."

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