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Cosmo Confessions: To My Office Crush

Is there something you've always wanted to say?
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It was a typical day in the office until it wasn't: Your boss just told your team about the new hire. And much to your delight, ANG GWAPO GWAPO NIYA. Suddenly, you're in a better mood, your deadlines seem possible to meet, and you look forward to the next break in the pantry. 

Today's #CosmoConfessions are all about *your* office crush. Have you ever wanted to tell 'em something? Here's what readers


A simple question

"When will you notice me?"


"Keep smiling and keep me inspired. Even [if] you are not with me, I just want you to be always happy."

Worth the commute

"I don't use my work-from-home privilege most of the time 'cause I'd rather be in the office just to see you. That [feels like] heaven even if the commuting life (to the office) is hell."

Dear sir, 

"Kahit na langit at lupa ang pagitan natin, kahit na terror pa ang tingin nila sa'yo, at kahit na maraming galit simula ng naupo ka, I hope you know that someone from [the] team looks forward to [seeing] you every day. To get a glimpse of you kahit sa malayo. Weird ka man sa paningin nila, sa'kin special ka."

Ideal man

"Hi, Paolo! I met my ideal man in you. You may not be the handsomest man out there, but your smile—dang that smile—I love it when you go all intellectual [one second] and [hilarious in the next]. [I love] how you become very talkative, then silent the next. I greatly admire your dedication—both for work and further studies. You really inspire me to do [well] in my endeavors. I love your voice when you talk, laugh, and sing. How I wish I have the courage to tell you [about my feelings] up front. How I wish you feel the same way, too..."

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Shy type

"Nagmukhang ako na yung nanliligaw sa'yo dahil sa kakapunta ko sa area mo, kakapa-picture sayo, sa mga cookies, cupcakes at kung anu-ano pang binigay ko sa'yo in front of your teammates and boss... Kahit alam kong hindi mo ako crush kasi sabi nga ng friend mo, I should already [get the] hint, keri lang kasi sumaya mga tao sa paligid natin sa kakapanood sa'tin and siyempre, kinilig ako. Pasensya na. Malakas lang loob ko kasi magre-resign na ako pero super shy type talaga ako in real life."

Rise & shine

"Every day is a struggle, seeing you. Please lang, huwag kang ngumiti. Daig pa ng sikat ng araw ang kinang ng mga ngipin mo."

Keep singing

"I like your voice when [you sing]. Hoping that one of these days, you'll sing a song for me."

July 21, 2019

"The first time I saw you was the day I started to work here. You caught my attention, and I become your admirer. You were my crush since July 1, 2019. And as time passed by, my crush for you [deepened], and I became bolder. One day, I'll confess that I have a crush on you. Not now, but soon."


Gotta stay professional

"Ang gwapo mo. Pero parang 'di ka aware na ang gwapo mo. Ang down-to-earth kasi ng aura [mo]. Kilig much talaga ako 'pag nagkakatinginan tayo. Kung 'di lang ako team leader, [I would've made a move]. Charet. HAHAHAHA. See you around, Crush!" 

My heart skips a beat

"It really makes my heart happy [to see] you before I head to my area. Your eyes really make me swoon but of course, I have to get [a] grip...I like seeing you every day."


"We both love [wearing] floral polo shirts. See you around!"

Free hugs

"You're so pogi talaga! Crush pa rin kita kahit super pabebe ka at super childish mo. Huwag ka masyadong pa-fall, please. Baka umasa lang talaga ako sa'yo, hehe. Sarap mong i-hug!!!"

The One

"Dreams do come true. Happy second wedding anniversary!"

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