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Cosmo Confessions: What’s Your Most Memorable Takas Story?

Wow! Ang galing tumakas!
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Whether it’s something as small as skipping class to go on a food trip with friends or it’s as intense as having outdoor sex, we’ve all probably done some sneaking around before. Honestly, these secret adventures are the funniest kwentos. 

So, we asked our fellow CGs to share their most memorable takas stories, and they came through with some interesting stuff—ranging from wholesome to wild! Check out these Pinays’ #CosmoConfessions.  

Ma, may tatapusin lang.”

I was in college and had just started dating a guy from our grad school basketball team. After watching their gametogether with my friendsagainst a rival school, the group decided to go on a road trip to Tagaytay that afternoon. My mom was super strict back then, and I knew there's no way she'd let me go. The NBSB in me decided I can't miss this chance to go on a dateeven though we were with other friendswith him so I went anyway. Since I was the editor of our school paper, I told my mom I had to finish some articles.

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The date was magical and I was so happy. 

Fast forward to a week later, my mom suddenly started shouting and hurling things at me when I came home from school. Turns out, my mom's close friend was in Tagaytay the same time I was there. He saw me with my friends (and of course, the guy), and decided to tell my mom! My mom was so furious she grounded me and almost didn't let me attend my own graduation! Years later, I still don't have regrets about that day, LOL. It’s one of my most favorite memories!” - Ellie

Fangirl level: 100000

“Last April 2019, I flew to Tokyo to watch the EXO-CBX concert because Xiumin will be in the military by May. It was Holy Week at the time, and it’s always been my family’s tradition to go to different churches for Visita Iglesia. I knew they wouldn’t allow me to go so I just told my parents that our class will be having a holy week retreat in Batangas, LOL. Yes, from Batangas to Tokyo, ALL FOR THE LOVE OF EXO. Until now, only my Instagram friends know. For this year though, I promise not to miss Visita Iglesia.” - EXOlovefangirl

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The surprise allergy

“In 2017, I had a boyfriend, and he was my kapitbahay. My parents are strict and we don’t share the same religion, so basically, this is a story about ~forbidden love~. 

One night, I escaped from our house to visit him. We were supposed to only stay together for 10 minutes, but when I saw that my brother was still awake, we just went back to my boyfriend’s house. At first, we were only talking but he suddenly kissed me—one thing led to another, until he asked me if I wanted to have sex. I was a virgin at the time, so I was really afraid and I didn’t know anything about sex. I took time to think it through, but I eventually said yes. He put on a latex condom, and we had some mind-blowing sex. 

At around 5:00 a.m., he brought me home and I was super thankful because nobody was around to see us. My mom woke me up at around 11:00 a.m. to eat lunch. For some reason, masakit yung legs and vagina ko and I couldn’t walk properly! My mom’s very observant so she asked me what was wrong. She asked me to open my legs, and we were both surprised to see that a sudden rash! I thought it was normal and my mom said it’s probably because of my sanitary napkin. 

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But three days later, the pain was still there and I was having a hard time peeing! The allergy was severe so we decided to visit an OB-GYN. I had to tell the truth and I found out that I was allergic to latex. My mom also found out that I wasn’t a virgin anymore, LOL.” - Yassi

Night owls

“My boyfriend and I both work the night shift. Every day, he walks me home to an apartment that I share with a few housemates. We usually get home when they’re asleep so I just sneak him into my bedroom to fool around. Sometimes, we do it by the stairs before we enter the main door. I’m not sure if any of my housemates have noticed but I know for a fact that we’ve almost been caught a few times.” - jillian22


“For one Valentine’s, my friends and I went to a costume party at a club in Dubai. I brought my boyfriend at the time and he dressed as Salt Bae, while I was dolled up as a sexy witch. After some hours of dancing, one of my friends started feeling suffocated so we went out to get some fresh air. While outside, we started taking groupfies but what my friends didn’t know was that my partner was fingering me the whole time. The guard noticed and kicked us out of the club. Until now, my friends have no idea why we were blacklisted from that club. TBH, it was the best night ever!”

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The most memorable ride

“My boyfriend and I went to a carnival for one Valentine’s day. He fingered me the whole time we were on the ferris wheel. ;)” - SexyLove

A furry surprise

“My parents go to the U.S. often to visit family members abroad. One time, they were on vacation and I decided to get A DOG without their permission. TBH, I've always wanted one but my mom always said no kasi our house will smell bad daw, hindi ko rin maaalagaan, plus it's an added expense! When my parents got back, I welcomed them at our front door with a four-month old puppy. My mom asked me kung kanino yung dog and I said, ‘Ours!’ And she replied by saying, ‘Hala ka.’ LOL.” - Louise

Nasaan ka? Yung totoo!”

“In fourth year high school, I was put under very strict rules at home like ‘no going out with friends whom my folks didn’t know.’ 

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One time, I went to a pool party of an ex, and the guy I was crushing on texted and invited me to go to his gig. Of course, I said yes!

Anyway, I texted my folks that my ex bf’s driver would give me a ride home and the party got extended. But in reality, everything actually ended in the afternoon.

Since I was out of the house very early, my folks were wondering where I was. They called my ex and when my parents asked me where I was, he said 'some guy picked her up.'

Boy, were my folks mad! I was all the way in Malate making landi with my crush when my tita called me and said 'put*ngina, nasaan ka, yung totoo?!' She ended up fetching me at 3:00 a.m. and my crush came out to see my tita and he apologized. He even said it was his fault! I was grounded for three months after what happened. It got to the point na hatid-sundo ako ng driver from house to school with lunch out privileges stripped. The most difficult part was winning back my folks' trust.” - Monina

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Secret prom

“The year was 2007, I told my mom that I would be sleeping over at a friend’s house. What she didn’t know was I was going to my boyfriend’s JS prom. The whole night, she thought I was in my friend’s house in QC, but I was actually in Sofitel! 

It was a fun night, not because of my ex-boyfriend, but because I got to pull off the ultimate takas moment—I didn’t spend a dime on all the stuff I used for the prom! I borrowed the dress from a friend and another friend’s mom—who had no idea that I wasn’t supposed to go—paid for my hair and makeup. Fun, ‘di ba?” - Sabrina

Mythical creatures are involved. 

"I used to live in a UST dorm that closes at 10:00 p.m. One night, I decided to drink with my friends thinking I could probably sleep over. However, wala pala akong matutulugan! Hassle, ‘di ba? So I decided to go home at 4:00 a.m. to try and sneak in while everyone was asleep. When I got home, I tried to open the gate—suddenly, I saw MY MOM OPENING THE DOOR! Siyempre, shocked siya, then she said, ‘Anong ginagawa mo dito? May nangyari ba sa'yo?’

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My reply? ‘NA-MALIGNO AKO, MA!’

She giggled and then, said ‘Okay, pasok ka na, pa-albularyo ba tayo bukas?

She got me good! She still reminds me of that incident to this day, LOL.” - Jill

*Answers have been edited for clarity. 


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