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60 Instagram Captions For Your PDA And Low-Key Couple Posts

Flex your S.O.!
Best Instagram captions for couple pictures
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/piawurtzbach, Instagram/mainedcm

When you and your partner have a cute pic and you just want to post your pic, you know for a fact that the Instagram caption should match the vibe. So we composed 60 captions for your couple photo post. Save this page so you'll have the perfect caption for your lovey-dovey pic or a low-key couple pic.

Captions For PDA Couple Instagram Posts

  1. PDA.. ewww.
  2. Kind of cute. Kind of cringe.
  3. This photo is sponsored by #Bumble. #AD
  4. Mine
  5. World's most annoying couple
  6. My 24/7
  7. LOML
  8. All I need is you
  9. I don't know how it gets better than this.
  10. My bae
  11. Swipe right
  12. Heart eyes
  13. Just us
  14. Je t'aime
  15. A love like no other.
  16. Three words. Eight letters.
  17. You're the dream
  18. Only the best
  19. ILY @yourpartner's
  20. You belong with me
  21. This is forever.
  22. I knew from Day 1
  23. I'm on cloud 9
  24. Just you and me
  25. [apple emoji] of my [eye emoji]
  26. Life is better because of you
  27. I love you even when I'm hungry
  28. "I think I'd miss you even if we'd never met." — The Wedding Date
  29. "One single thread of gold tied me to you." — Taylor Swift, "Invisible String"
  30. "We will never be like anybody else." —  Del Water Gap, "We Will Never Be Like Anybody Else"
  31. My number 1
  32. Relation status: may label [laughing emoji]
  33. My forever crush
  34. Surprise, it's us again!
  35. Wanna be with you everywhere - Pia Wurtzbach
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Captions For Low-Key Couple Instagram Posts

  1. My favorite person
  2. Glad you exist
  3. I hate you the least
  4. u & me
  5. My emergency contact
  6. My better half
  7. Nobody else
  8. Us
  9. Dibs
  10. iykyk
  11. Weirdos
  12. The person who laughs at all my jokes.
  13. The only person I'm willing to share fries with
  14. "You know you got me." - Jennie Kim, "You & Me"
  15. My biggest fan
  16. My [rock emoji]
  17. To the [moon emoji] and back
  18. Dream team
  19. partners-in-crime
  20. Picture perfect
  21. Living rent-free in my heart
  22. My [globe emoji]
  23. It started with Netflix and chill.
  24. Your feed needs a cheesy post from us
  25. "to more coladas, laughs, and sunsets with you" - Maine Mendoza


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