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11 Real How-We-Met Stories That Will Make You Go ‘Awww’

SPOILER: You can find love in coffee shops!
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The couple that started out as coffee mates

“I always frequent this coffee shop near where I work. There was a guy who was usually in front of me or behind me in line. We’d notice each other, then give each other that friendly glance and smile. We had been doing that for weeks, then weeks turned into months, until finally, I stopped seeing him at the coffee shop.

One day, I was in line again, and the barista said my drink was already paid for. She pointed to the person who bought the drink, and it turned out to be the guy I was always standing in line with.

That meeting over coffee turned into a dinner date, then dinner turned into him making hatid-sundo, then hatid-sundo turned into two years (and running) of dating.” –Ada, 29

The couple whose love was aided by an unwitting wingman

“My mom was a kickass singer in a band. My dad was a party dude in the '60s so he was always drunk at the bar where my mom’s band played.

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One night, my dad put his plan to meet my mom in action. He cleaned up, probably put pomada on his hair, and ordered Royal Tru-Orange—no alcohol—that night. When one of his friends got drunk, he dared that friend to go up onstage to steal a kiss from my mom, which he did.  My mom, in true dramatic fashion, slapped the guy and ran from the stage to her dressing room. My dad took it from there.

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I’m not sure if he threw in a punch for show, but he said he was this really neat guy who was my mom’s shoulder to cry on. Yes, Royal Tru-Orange in hand.” –Jamie, 32

The couple that should be thanking their exes

“I met him at film school. I was a freshman when I made his head turn in the hallway. He, a sophomore then, made my head turn as well.

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Later on he told me that he thought I looked a lot like his ex, that’s why I caught his eye. Funny, ‘cause I was thinking the exact same thing about him then. We both thought our exes were in the school!

We’re now going on seven years together, with a one-year-old little angel.” –Regeene, 29

The couple that made beautiful music together

“We met at a party. His table happened to have an empty seat so I sat next to him, but no conversation was made. With our mutual friends forcing the karaoke mike onto us, we sang together until the sun rose.

The next week, we met again with the same friends at a bar, and again, no conversation happened. I left early that night. But then out of the blue, he messaged me to say that The Cure’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ had played right after I left. It was the first song we sang together at that party where we met.

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We’ve been talking to each other every single day since then.” –Cindy, 26

The couple that overcame an unfavorable first meeting

“She was dating my cousin when he brought her along for our family Halloween costume party. My cousin drove up and I saw he was with a girl. I was dressed as a taong grasa, wearing a sign that said ‘The End Is Near,’ so I had the idea of going over to their car to play a little prank.

In character, I knocked on the passenger side window. She saw me, and instead of being startled, she simply turned to my cousin and said, ‘There’s someone out there.’

When we were introduced, I told her, ‘I don’t dress like this every day. Please believe me.’

I remember thinking how pretty and sweet she was then but had to back off because of my cousin. They eventually stopped seeing each other because it just wasn’t clicking, and three years after that incident, I finally got to take her out. We’ve been together for the past three years.

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P.S.: I did give my cousin a heads-up before making any move.” –Reagan, 31

The couple that conquered distance, age gap, and relationship history

“When we met, it was the time of the 2010 national elections, and I was rooting for Gibo Teodoro.

An acquaintance of mine posted a pro-Gibo post on Facebook, and while we were talking about Gibo on his thread, a stranger butted in on our online conversation. I was introduced to that stranger, who turned out to be Aldrin, our mutual acquaintance’s fraternity brother. Aldrin sent me a private message and that’s where it all started.

I found out that Aldrin was a veterinarian working in Canada, and he found out that I was a lawyer based in the Philippines. I found out that he was 40, and he found out that I was 25. I also found out that he was a divorcé with two kids from his previous marriage.

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We officially became a couple a few months later. He promised me, “I know how complicated things are, but I will exert all conscious efforts to make things simple for you.”

Before the year ended, he took a chance and came home to the Philippines, leaving his stable job in Canada and everything he built for himself for years there to start a new life here with me. The day he came home was the first time we ever met in person; we had only seen each other on Skype before then.

Now, we are turning seven years together, with a two-year-old and twins on the way.” –Dawna, 32

The couple brought together by divine intervention

“My dad, who was working as a seaman at the time, had gone back to his hometown only to be broken up with by his then-girlfriend who had found another man while he was at sea. As a result, he kept going out at night and getting drunk. His parents, who were leaders at their parish’s religious organization, suggested that he take part in the organization’s youth group, and eventually he did.

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Meanwhile, my mom believed that it was her calling to become a nun, but she was still contemplating whether or not to go through with it. She was often at the same parish praying for discernment. One day, she prayed to be given a sign that would point her in the right direction. As she prayed, she promised that the next time someone sought her help, she would say yes.

As she was on her way out of the parish that day, the priest asked my mom if she could play the part of Mary in the upcoming nativity scene setup. She wanted to refuse, but she remembered the promise she had made in her prayer, so she said yes. Little did she know that the priest had already asked my dad to play the role of Joseph, and he had also said yes. You can guess what happened next.” –Timothy, 27

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The couple whose summer fling turned into the real thing

“Almost two years ago, I went to El Nido with my single girlfriends for a week of island life. On our second night, we went to a lone tiki bar on the island and by 2am people were really having fun dancing. A bunch of Spanish guys came up to us and offered to buy us drinks and we all danced together.

I’ve never liked dancing with guys, but my soon-to-be boyfriend was the only one who made me feel comfortable and respected my personal space—and by that I mean dancing one foot away from me.

From that night until my last night on the island, we were inseparable. But in my mind, ‘whatever happens in El Nido, stays in El Nido,’ so there were no expectations on my part.

Two weeks later, he surprised me in Manila. Two months later, he came back from Spain to celebrate his birthday with me. And as they say, the rest is history.” –Lhen, 31

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The couple that shared a table, won a (girl/boy)friend

“I was a law graduate studying for the bar exams when I met him. Law students studying in cafes have that one particular ‘zen zone’ where they always retreat to whenever they study, and of course I had my own. By that time I had had it for weeks already, in Starbucks Northgate Alabang branch.

One day, I saw a guy seated at my spot. I was annoyed, of course. I asked the baristas, who were already my friends by then, what that guy was doing in my spot. The barista answered, ‘Ma’am Ina, actually nauna siya talaga diyan dati pa. Spot niya ‘yan bago ka dumating.

Unperturbed, I went to him and told him, ‘Excuse me, you’re in my seat.’ He then looked up and I was caught off-guard because I didn’t realize he was cute until that taray moment of mine.

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He said, ‘We can share if you like.’ So we shared the table.

I glanced at him, still surprised at how cute this stranger was, and suddenly my inner self told me, ‘Kung naging kami nito, perfect kami.’ However, we both had partners then.

We lost contact after months but we never forgot about each other. Thanks to the barista, we were able to reconnect, and things progressed from there. We got married three years later.” –Czarina, 32

The couple for whom third time’s the charm

“My parents were each the third in a line of siblings that had dated into each other’s families. Sound confusing? That’s because it is. My dad’s eldest brother had dated my mom’s eldest sister, and my dad’s younger brother later dated another one of my mom’s older sisters.

In fact, the first time my dad met my mom, he was in college and she was in the sixth grade. He had accompanied his younger brother in picking up my mom’s older sister at their house for prom. Of course, no attraction happened then—my mom was not yet even in her teens!—but when they met again eight years later when my dad was a medical intern and my mom was studying to become a nurse, sparks flew.

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Their siblings’ relationships with each other were short-lived, but my parents have now been happily married for 33 years and with three children to show for it.” Eena, 32

The couple for whom change was coming

“He was my co-worker’s best friend. When we first met at a bar, I was in a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend at the time. Yes, I was a girl who liked girls, and I was easily one of the boys. I was sure that I would never have a boyfriend, and he knew that.

Months later, my LDR girlfriend and I broke up. To recover, I would always go out with friends, him included.

One night, I was out with him when another guy friend kept texting me. He took my phone, texted my guy friend himself, and wouldn’t give me back my phone immediately. When I got it back, I found out that he had deleted my guy friend’s number.

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On our way home, I asked him why he did that, to which he just shrugged. I got really annoyed, so he finally said, “Okay. Okay. Fine. I was jealous.” I was confused, so I asked him why. He said, “Don’t you get it? I LIKE YOU!”

I just laughed at him and told him that I couldn’t be with him.

When I got home, I had a hard time sleeping. His words kept repeating in my head. So the next day, I talked to him about it. I took back what I said. I gave him a chance, but most of all, I gave myself a chance.” –Cha, 25

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