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Date Dementia And Other Male Manners That Tick Us Off

What boyfriend behaviors drive us women out of our wits? Here's Cosmo's little list. 'Wag mahawa!

mmanual_maletraits_main.jpgThey have date dementia. Men may have a genius-level ability to remember basketball stats and their friends’ phone numbers, but they totally space out on major milestones, such as your birthday and anniversary.

They’re label-conscious. For some strange reason, dudes can date you steadily for seven months, and it still wouldn’t occur to them to introduce you as their girlfriend.

They prefer to fly by the seat of their pants. While no one’s knocking spontaneity, most guys think calling you an hour before picking you up is advance planning.

They’re phone-phobic. Okay, we get how they might not be up for yakking on the horn for three hours straight or texting every 10 minutes, but there’s nothing wrong with calling up out of the blue just to say hello.

They keep a perpetual stiff upper lip. You’d think that the emotional armor the average guy wraps around himself would get pretty damn uncomfortable day in, day out.

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