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If Your Date Eats Garlic, You'll Find Him More Attractive

Um, yuck?!
PHOTO: Eric McNatt

When you’re really into someone, you notice all his details—his smile, how he smells, and even the way he texts. But did you know that what he eats also impacts how attractive you think he is?

A new report in Scientific American finds that "by ingesting certain foods, your partner can make themselves far more irresistible to you on a biological level"; it’s even more effective than cologne and other manly scents! 

If you’re wondering what types of food are "hotter," believe it or not, garlic is one of the most favored date foods. Shocking, right? We’ve been spending all this time avoiding "smelly" dishes, and it could have speeded things along in the love department. Also, men who eat pumpkins, carrots, and apricots all have an advantage.

So if you think about it, Zac Efron wearing Axe body spray has nothing on Zac Efron chowing down on garlic fries or a sensible salad. (But who are we kidding, either way, we wouldn’t turn away Zac.)

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Right? Right. 

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