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Dating Habits We Need To Bring Back

Like actually asking someone out.

Dressing well for a date.

There's nothing wrong with relying on the old t-shirt-and-jeans combonot all dates are meant to be fancybut dressing up for a date means you put in time and effort to look good.

Actually asking us out.

Is it a date or are we just hanging out? That's the million-dollar question. Whether it's because of fear of rejection or a playing-it-safe strategy, some guys prefer to hang out instead of mustering up the courage to ask us out, which leaves us confused if we're on an official date or not. 

Writing love letters.

Thanks to smartphones and computers, people would rather text or email their S.O. instead of writing sweet love notes. But there's something more personal about hand-written letters that sends us, well, just the right message.

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