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Decode His Fave Convo Subjects

The topics he brings up during small talk reveal a lot about his dating motives. Learn what they mean.

He Brings Up: Your Tastes.

Queries about where you like to shop or hang out could be him fishing for hints on how to impress you...or trying to figure out whether he'll be able to keep up with that lifestyle.

He Brings Up: Your Sexual Experience.

No guy really wants to know about your intimate past, so he's likely seeing how much he can get away with to gauge his chances of getting you naked. Sidestep the convo to let him know he has to work harder to win you over--both in and out of bed.

He Brings Up: Your Last Relationship.

He may worry that you're still hung up on a former flame. The less you say--good or bad--about your ex, the better your current date will feel about his standing with you.

He Brings Up: Your Baggage.

Players prod you to unload your personal issues (divorced parents, bad breakups) right away to create false intimacy and lower your inhibitions. Don't take the bait!

Sources: Relationship expert Muhammad Tiy-E, PhD, author of Secrets Men Keep; Communication expert Laurie Puhn, author of Instant Persuasion

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