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Tip: Don't Avoid These Fights On Your First Year Of Marriage!

Work out your kinks right away.
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Just because you and your significant other dated for years before you got married doesn’t mean you’ve worked out all your relationship kinks. People who’ve been together for decades know that there’s always something new to learn about each other—forever is a long time, after all. To help you get through your first year of marriage, here are three [previous|page|next]!fights you need to be ready for:

1. A fight about annoying habits

Because we live in the Philippines, where some people still believe that unmarried couples shouldn’t live together, there are those who get married without knowing how their partners behave at home. So when you move in together, everything’s a surprise. “Oh, he lets the dishes pile up.” “Ah, ok, so he doesn’t put his dirty clothes in the hamper.” Most people brush this off because they don’t want to seem like a nag, but letting it fester is not a good move. Holding on to annoyances can lead to resentment. Instead, work on your communication. Don’t blow up, but start the conversation and discuss where you two can adjust.

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2. A fight about money

Nobody likes talking about money—not even people who’ve promised to spend the rest of their lives together. We know it can get uncomfortable, but marriage is more than just a union of souls; you’re literally tying your life to another person. And even if you keep your money separate, there are still financial things you need to work out—like talking about credit cards, long-term savings strategies, and retirement plans. Plus, unless you’re really lucky, you and your partner probably have different spending habits. Sit down and strategize together so you don’t fight over petty expenses.

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3. A fight about sex

Most people assume that in the first year of marriage, couples just hump like bunnies because they’re in ~the honeymoon stage~. And while that may be the case for some, it’s not a universal truth. It’s rare to find someone who has the same level of desire and kinkiness as you do so sex can get pretty complicated. But if you’re dedicated to your person, an open and honest conversation can go a long way. 

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