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How To Flirt Like A Sex Kitten--Not A Wild Cat

There's a difference between confidence that captivates guys and being sooo forward, you freak them out. We draw the line here.

Subtly Seductive: Wearing low-waisted jeans that reveal a sliver of tummy.
Coming On Too Strong: Pulling your jeans down so low, you reveal butt cleavage.

Subtly Seductive: Sexily sipping an icy drink while at a bar.
Coming On Too Strong: Sliding an ice cube over your neck and decolletage at a bar.

Subtly Seductive: Telling a guy you meet that you think he's cute.
Coming On Too Strong: Telling him he's so sizzling, you could fry an egg on his abs.

Subtly Seductive: Letting your fingers graze his arm as you're chatting.
Coming On Too Strong: Letting your fingers graze his package as you're chatting.

Subtly Seductive: Typing your number into his cell.
Coming On Too Strong: Writing it on his inner thigh.

Subtly Seductive: Suggestively licking your lips after a bite of dessert.
Coming On Too Strong: Licking his lips after he takes a bite of dessert.