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FOR YOUR GUY: Top 20 Fashion And Grooming Finds Below P1,500

Show this list to your guy and he would definitely love to go shopping with you on your next trip to the mall. Or, be a step ahead and get these for him (this Christmas!).

When it comes to shopping for clothes and skin care, most men don’t have that much patience. Unlike us women who can go around the mall for hours to shop, guys normally just go to one store, try on the very first thing they see, and if it fits, pay for it right away. Because they don’t go around much, sometimes they miss out on the nicer and more affordable options available. And that's why we came up with this list.

The next time your man needs a new pair of shoes, a well-fitted top, or a better alternative to his soap-and-water skincare regimen (or to your beauty products which he uses!), simply look through our gallery. We’ve got him covered from head to toe.

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