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50 ~*Funny*~ And Witty Captions For Your Cute Couple Photos

Time to flex your S.O.!
Funny couple captions for your Instagram posts
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Crafting the perfect caption becomes essential when you're eager to share an adorable couple's photo on Instagram. Instead of resorting to the usual clichéd lovey-dovey phrases, why not experiment with some clever and humorous captions? A touch of wit and humor can effortlessly elevate your post, ensuring it stands out.

50 Funny Couple Captions For Instagram

  1. One of us is always right, and the other is him.
  2. Kind of cute. Kind of cringe.
  3. Thank you, Bumble.
  4. Let's get weird together.
  5. It's a love-hate thing.
  6. We're the couple that's always fighting over the remote.
  7. Fool 4 u
  8. I love you even when I'm hangry
  9. Big spoon and little spoon.
  10. dibs
  11. I'm your biggest fan.
  12. All I need is you (plus money, clothes, perfect skin, etc.)
  13. I found someone who loves me as much as I love pasta.
  14. This photo is sponsored by #Bumble. #AD
  15. PDA.. ewww.
  16. Dumb and dumber.
  17. Mine.
  18. Life sucks. You don't.
  19. You're my favorite human.
  20. It's a love-hate thing.
  21. Swiped right on the right one!
  22. Double trouble
  23. Annoying each other for the rest of our lives
  24. POV: You're saw a couple's PDA on social media
  25. Find a weirdo, and never let her go.
  26. Soon to be a victim of boyfriend air
  27. I love you with all my butt!
  28. The Queen and the loyal servant
  29. Sorry. I'm hard to get rid of.
  30. Who's the boss?
  31. We give you the license to roll your eyes.
  32. World's most annoying couple
  33. Here for the free dinner
  34. Relationships are like a walk in the park. Jurassic Park.
  35. Happy co-dependence day!
  36. Zodiac sign compatibility test: Passed
  37. Love at first fight
  38. I get to be a passenger princess because of you.
  39. Hit the jackpot.
  40. 24/7

Funny and Witty Tagalog couple captions

  1. Buti na lang I didn't ghost you
  2. Naka-graduate na tayo sa talking stage
  3. It all started with "kumain ka na ba?"
  4. May label na!
  5. Flex ko lang. Ngayon lang, please.
  6. PDA - public display after away
  7. Wala akong pake kahit Scorpio [partner's zodiac sign] siya.
  8. May karapatan nang magselos, LOL!
  9. Sa'yo lang marupok
  10. Crush pa lang kita, loyal na ako


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