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PSA: This New, Filipino-Made Board Game Will Level Up Your Sex Life

It involves vanishing clothes!
PHOTO: Courtesy of Birdie Salva

No matter how long you've been with a person, there's always something *more* to learn about them. My parents, for example, have been together for 30 years, and just last week, my mom found out my dad now likes ube ice cream. 

A new Filipino-made board game, called Happy Ending, is here to help you get to know your partner bed. And sure, you can easily just ask them if you want to know something, but it might be more fun to learn about a few kinks when vanishing clothes are involved. ;)

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Designed by Birdie Salva, Happy Ending involves a horny ghost (or a Hornygeist, lol) who needs help with their erotic desires to be able to move on. The game can be played by a minimum two players and a maximum of six. The players need to work together to win three phases:

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  1. Perform three Revelation Cards per player. 
  2. Perform three Desire Cards per player. 
  3. Perform one Climax Card per player. 

If you win as team, it also means you lose as a team; and you all lose if anyone from the team starts kissing or fooling around without instructions from the Hornygeist. 

The objective of the game, really, isn't sex. It's to provide a safe space for an open discussion, where trust and consent are exercised throughout. 

All The Cards

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Revelation Card

This card has requests for personal stories and secrets. 

Example: What's your most memorable sexual encounter?

Desire Card

This card involves sensual and erotic gestures.

Example: Take turns caressing each other's butts with your hands.

Climax Card

This card have the Hornygeist's *final* unfulfilled wishes.

Example: You must perform a sensual dance while stripping away all your remaining clothes for your partner for 10 seconds. 

Nope Card

Use this card if at any point, you start feeling uncomfortable. Playing this card automatically fulfills the card's requirement. The catch is, you'll be required to remove one article of clothing. 

What is the Attraction Die?

After every Revelation or Desire Card, a player rolls the Attraction Die. The player must then move up the Attraction Meter; once you reach the top, you need to remove one article of clothing before going back to zero. 

We asked a couple, Adele and Emma, to play the game for the first time. Read their honest review:

  1. How do you feel about games in bed, in general?
    "Fun, but also nerve-racking! Playing games in bed isn't a staple for us, but it's not like Happy Ending is the first game we've played together. So there's that! But before trying out Happy Ending, we were particularly nervous because it's like diving into a body of water, but you don't know how deep or shallow it is."
  2. Did you learn anything about each other while playing the game? Good? Bad? Surprising?
    "Yes, definitely! A lot of the stuff that turned up weren't exactly *surprising* but it was good to have a way to talk about them. It's refreshing and nice to really have certain things talked about straightforwardly! We wouldn't describe anything new we may have learned as bad, but that might be because we've been together a while, so we know each other pretty well to begin with."
  3. What did you like most about the game? 
    "We liked that the game is quite thrilling! You don't always know what's gonna happen. We carefully didn't cheat by not looking through any of the cards at all before starting! So we didn't know which questions or actions will get picked. Another thing we liked about it is how you can grow closer to your partner if you guys play it together. It gives you both an opportunity to be open with one another."
  4. How do you think it can improve?
    "Maybe change the number of cards that each player is required to accomplish depending on the number of players—the game is going to be pretty long if you had six players and all players were required to play three cards each?"
  5. Who do you think can benefit from a game like this?
    "Couples! Ones who are starting out and would like to level-up their relationship. And those who have been together for a long time, too! It might also be fun to play with other couples."
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