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Here's Exactly How Often Happily Married Women Have Sex

It's about quantity, not quality! Which is...depressing.

Because we all have that tiny fear that our relationship is little more than a passionless union of two people who basically ask each other to do the dishes, here's another stat to measure your sex life by. Huzzah!

After surveying 400 married women, psychotherapist and author M. Gary Neuman found that it's less about satisfaction than it is about frequency. Happily married women have sex 11 times a month, while unhappy women have sex three to four times a month [via Business Insider].

In other words, she's probably that one friend who squirms awkwardly through brunch sex talk until someone finally blurts out, "ANYWAY, KAREN, HOW'S WORK??!!" and everyone makes a sad face at each other.


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