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His Girlfriend Checklist

Trust us, he could already be scoping out your long-term potential as early as the first date based on these qualities.

When it comes to the traits guys really want in a woman, you might be tempted to joke that they boil down to a smokin’ hot body and maybe an Xbox hooked up in her apartment. But seriously, guys have a more grounded checklist of qualities that’s deeper than you’d ever imagine. We bet you’ll be surprised by what secretly gets them in a settle-down-and-consider-marriage state of mind.

1. She Takes Care Of Me But Doesn’t Try To Be My Mom

Guys love a woman who is nurturing and has their best interests in mind, but there’s a fine line between babying him a bit and nagging him like he’s a little kid.

“My girlfriend made plans to watch Sugarfree, her fave band, on a Friday night. But that Friday morning, I came down with a terrible flu. I urged her to go, but she brushed me off by saying ‘I’ll see them next time.’ Then, she spent the next few days watching DVDs with me on the couch and feeding me hot soup. It was exactly what I wanted.”
—Ken, 28

“I’m mostly a meat-eating, chips-and-beer guy, and my fiancee is all about healthy eating. But, instead of bugging me about my crappy diet, she lets me eat what I want, then asks if I’d like to try some of the things on her plate. She’s gotten me to eat better by turning me on to new foods, yet she doesn’t guilt-trip me into thinking I have to change my habits for her.”
—Leo, 25

2. She Never Gets Crazy-Jealous

Envying the other women in his life is flattering to a guy; after all, it lets him know that you think he’s so hot, you figure other chicks must want him, too. Get possessive, however, and he’ll become annoyed.

“My girl, Amy, and I were at a bar one night. While she was in the restroom, this super-drunk chick came over and started making pa-cute to me. When Amy returned, instead of flipping out or being threatened, she watched from a distance while I explained that I was taken. After the girl left, Amy said, ‘I’m glad you’re still the sexiest guy in the room. I’d hate to think I’m dating a loser.’ Seeing her stay so chill and confident made me feel so darn lucky.”
—William, 25

“I had to go to a convention in Cebu with two gorgeous coworkers six months after I started dating my fiancee. She asked if they were cute and whether I had 'a thing' with any of them before. But, she never took that next step most girls do by acting moody or grilling me afterward about whether anything happened. It was the perfect amount of jealousy to let me know she cared, but not so much that she came off as OA."
—Joey, 29

3. She’s Okay With The Things About Me I Don’t Like

Men are more insecure about themselves than women think. A girlfriend who doesn’t mind, or even adores, his so-called shortcomings is a keeper.

“It sucks being a skinny guy with no definition whatsoever. My girl knows that I feel this way, so often when we see a muscular dude, she’ll remind me how great it is to be with a guy who doesn’t waste all his time pumping iron at the gym.”
—Dennis, 28

“When I lost my job, I felt like I was nakaka-turn off, because I had no cash to pull off a nice date. When I met my girlfriend, she made it clear that this didn’t matter—she even complimented me on how creative I was at coming up with fun—and affordable—ways to hang out together. Knowing that she loved me when I was struggling made me want her even more when I got back on top.”
—Mike, 28

4. She Gets Along With My Friends

Men appreciate it when you make the effort to fit in with their barkada. Plus, they get a kick out of knowing that their friends secretly wish they had such an awesome girlfriend.

“My buddies are typical guys: They’re slobs, they curse a lot, and they communicate in a carino brutal way. Kara can roll with all this, and never gets grossed out or offended. She holds her own when they make hirit. They love it! They think she’s the coolest chick ever, and so do I.”
—DJ, 22

“On our way to a party in Pampanga, my girl got stuck in the backseat with friends of mine she’d never met before. I had to drive and needed the guy who knew the directions to ride shotgun. The entire trip, my friends kept talking about people from high school that she’d never heard of. I’m sure it was boring for her, but she showed a genuine interest in every lame-ass story. I liked that she did her best to be part of the gang.”
—Douglas, 24

5. She Needs Me, But She’s Not Too Needy

It’s crucial that he knows he has traits his girlfriend appreciates and misses when they’re apart, yet she doesn’t rely on him for every little thing.

“Instead of ending every email with annoying questions like ‘Do you miss me?’ Jen keeps it brief and signs off with ‘Just thinking about you.’ It’s such a relief! I used to date this girl who would IM me at work every five minutes and expected me to do the same. It felt like she was checking up on my every move.
—Brent, 26

“My fiancee and I live together and have a neighbor who is very noisy. One day, she got so pissed, I offered to go next door and say something. But, she insisted that she would tell the guy to quiet down and asked me to step in only if he’d be deadma. She can take care of herself, but it’s nice that she still relies on me, too.
—Dave, 31

“I hate when a girl reminds me that her entire world would explode if I wasn’t in it. Instead of telling me how her life would suck without me, it’s less stressful when a girl tells me how great she feels when she’s with me.”
—Ben, 27
6. She Can Laugh At Herself

Not taking humiliating moments too seriously shows a guy that his date is easygoing and can deal with life’s curveballs.

“During the first night out with my current girlfriend, she tripped while walking down the aisle at the movies, and her bucket of popcorn spilled everywhere in front of dozens of people. So she did a curtsy, giggled, and then proudly went in search of the janitor. Now, that’s a cool chick!”
—Nick, 24

“While we were messing around, Lisa accidentally let out a really loud fart. Usually when this happens, a girl stops everything, and we never find our groove again. Not Lisa—she just fell on the bed cracking up for a few minutes. It’s great how she didn’t feel the need to apologize over and over for being absolutely normal."
—Jason, 28

7. She Has Passion And Ambition

A woman with her own interests and goals is attractive to a guy, and her gusto for other things reveals a side to her that he wouldn’t otherwise know.

“In her spare time, my girlfriend runs a decorating blog. Now, I don’t know the slightest thing about pillows, flower arrangements, or track lighting, but I love that my girl has such a passion for these things.”
—Paul, 31

“Most of the women I’ve dated in the past gave me the impression that my career was more important to them than their own. Then I met Charisse, who on our first date enthusiastically told me all about her work as a physical therapist and how much she loves seeing her patients get well. Her excitement was such a turn-on!”
—Jonas, 39

“Seeing a woman who is aggressive about her job is important to me when I think about wife-material. Guys love competition, so when a woman throws herself into work and wants to come out on top, it makes me want to be part of  her team.”
—Danny, 30

8. She Doesn’t Hold Back In The Bedroom

Men fear that once they settle down, hot sex will fall by the wayside. A woman who makes getting busy a priority during the early dating stages reassures him that she’ll always be active between the sheets.

“My girlfriend looks sweet and innocent, but I love that she has a kinky side. She waits until the most inappropriate time—like a dinner party or at her parents’ house—to whisper something sexy and naughty to do later. It’s like having two girlfriends at once: the girl you take home to Mom and the girl who wants to pounce on you!”
—Vic, 29

“When we’re in bed, Lori moans, sighs, even giggles. Nothing’s sexier than her play-by-play of how each touch makes her feel. I hope others can hear her so they know what a hunk I am.”
—Jamie, 20

9. She Supports My Dreams

It can be hard for a guy to open up about what he really wants to accomplish in life, and when he does, he wants his girl to back him up and be excited about it, too.

“I’ve always wanted to quit my corporate job to work as a scuba instructor. When I told my girlfriend this, she was totally for it—yet she didn’t go all-out about how I should resign right now. Instead, she talked about ways to slowly make it a reality, like banking some money first. I felt like she really heard what I was saying and didn’t just give me all that follow-your-dreams fluff.”
—Jose, 30

“Every girlfriend I’ve ever had quickly asked me what kind of job I wanted and whether I saw myself getting married. It seemed like they just wanted to know where they could fit into my future. I think that’s why I clicked with my current girl, who asked me what I wanted to do with my life and let me prattle on about my love of music and goal of putting out my own songs. She told me how cool it sounded, but she didn’t try to coerce me into coming up with a five-year plan.”
—Ton, 27

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