13 Couples Get Real About How Much Sex They Had On Their Honeymoon

'Literally none. But we caught up on some much needed sleep.'
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Honeymoon sex (and how muchor how littlepeople have) has always been talked and speculated about. Whether this links back to when waiting until you were married to have sex was more common, or whether it's just because we're nosy, we're still kind of obsessed with knowing how much other people are doin' it.

Here, 13 couples get real about how much sex they had on their honeymoons/post-wedding holidays.

  1. "We went away for just over a week, and we had sex three times. The resort we stayed at was nice, but had thin walls so we had to keep it down. I got pretty sick during the second half too." [via]
  2. "We didn't really have a honeymoon, just a holiday a few months after we got married. I don't recall how much sex we had on that trip. We average once per day on holiday, with a day or two off throughout." [via]
  3. "We went away for eight days. We had sex maybe six times? We had already been together for six years when we got married though." [via]
  4. "Not much more than usual. I mean, you're in a new country that you both love but won't be coming back to anytime soon, there's heaps of memories to make together! Sex is only part of it." [via]
  5. "Pretty much every night." [via]
  6. "We were on ours for a week, and we only left our room to eat breakfast and dinner. We did go out once or twice for a couple of hours, mostly just to explore the area. The rest of the time we were naked either having sex, just about to start, or just finished, so...a whole lot." [via]
  7. "Literally none. But we caught up on some much needed sleep." [via]
  8. "Most of our honeymoon was spent enjoying the holiday. We would go be tourists, come back to the room, have a quickie, and then be right back out enjoying the location. We spent a lot of time sight seeing. We maybe had sex one to two times a day in between everything else." [via]
  9. "We stayed a few nights in the hotel where we got married. In the 72 hours we spent at the hotel, we probably had sex about 20 times." [via]
  10. "None. Our wedding was at a campground and we slept in a tent. Our honeymoon was a backpacking trip through the Grand Canyon. I guess we couldhave had sex in those places, but we'd already been together four years so it's not like we were in that need-it-now phase." [via]
  11. "We had a three-day honeymoon after we got married in the car park of our county courthouse. We went to the happy hours, free breakfasts and swimming a few times. Aside from those short breaks we were having sex of one variety or the other. It was incredible." [via]
  12. "Enough to get pregnant...with twins." [via]
  13. "We attempted once and it was unsuccessful, my wife had medical issues that made arousal unbearably painful." [via]
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