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8 Ways To Heal And Move On From A Breakup

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1. Let go of your regrets.

People have a tendency to look back at a failed relationship and see it as a giant waste of time and effort. It's better to shift that mentality by recognizing all the things you gained and the lessons you learned in that relationship. It's tempting to dwell on what went wrong, as if rehashing it will change the outcome, but dwelling only prolongs the suffering. 

2. Forgive yourself. 

You are human. You are allowed to make mistakes. Some people believe that if only they didn't make one wrong move, they wouldn't be in so much pain right now. Do not go down that road. Accept the fault, promise you'll do better next time, and let it go. 

3. Remember the good, but don't forget about the bad. 

Right after a breakup, we mourn. There is a period of longing. During that time, we remember the good times, especially the things we miss about that person. Often we forget that the breakup happened for a reason, that your ex isn't perfect as you remember him to be. It's important to cherish the good memories, but to accept the bad ones too in order to heal. 


4. Reconnect with your single self!

Unless you're a serial monogamist, there was a point in time that you were a strong, independent woman. You felt complete even though you were technically alone. GET HER BACK. Reach out to those who you may have accidentally neglected while you were busy in your relationship. It's time to fall back in love with the old you. 

5. Block your ex. 

No, it's not mean; it's necessary. In a perfect world, you two are friends who check in on each other and are happy for each other no matter what. But we don't live in a perfect world and nothing hurts more than having hope (especially if you want to get back together). He might insist that you stay friends, and maybe someday that's something you can revisit, but right now, create separation and heal without him.

6. Embrace all the ~*feels.*~

Shock. Denial. Guilt. Hope. Hurt. Intense pain. Anger. You'll feel all of these things at some point (and maybe even all at once.) It's normal. You have to go through these feelings to come out of your breakup happy and healthy. 

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7. Block those unhealthy thoughts. 

It will feel like your life is over, like you'll never find someone who'll love you just as much. You'll feel completely powerless. The trick is to replace those thoughts with something like, "I can't control that this happened to me, but I can control how I react to it." 

8. Be open to change. 

Nothing lasts forever. One thing you can count on is that there are always new people to meet and new experiences to have. Don't cling to permanence. The unknown doesn't have to be scary; it can be an adventure. 

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