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The Many Ways He Wants You To Seduce Him

Take note, ladies.

Seduction is a tricky and fun game. The process of gaining a man’s lustful desires varies depending on the individual, so we asked 10 real guys what it takes to flick their switch. Some guys prefer that the girl use food to stimulate his carnal hunger; others are easily hooked by a knowing stare; while most seem to fancy the go-getter, no BS, tell me what you want type of gal. Read their answers:

“A lot of food and a little bit of affection. I’m not hard to please and the cliché of winning a man through his stomach really holds true. If she can incorporate some edibles into our foreplay that would be the ultimate recipe to hooking me in.” -Jeric, 29

“That come-hither look is something that always gets my blood boiling. For me, it’s never about the body, but about the fire in the eyes that seduces me into submission.” -Renan, 28

“Nothing beats straight up, first world, British aggression and honesty. When a woman is straightforward, to the point, and knows what she wants in the sack, that’s the perfect way of reeling a man in. Skip the unnecessary shenanigans, because men are all about getting it on!” -John, 29

“I prefer the woman toy with ideas and get creative. No mind games, but just straight up ways and reasons on why and how she wants me. I want her to talk and tell me all the nasty things she’s going to do to me. If the seduction is successful, she can do with me as she pleases.” -Paps, 28

“In my opinion, it’s all about bizarre kinky fetishes. Public seduction and humiliation are some of the things that turn me on. But I guess some important factors are a girl’s confidence, personality, and appearance. Visual appeal plays an important role, and of course, also getting to know a person better. If she suggests a sexual bucket list of stuff she’s never done before, that would be a great start.” -Mark, 27

“Call me old school or unoriginal, but if a woman can sexy-dance or even do a striptease for me, then she’s got me pretty much in the bag.” -Choi, 27

“For me there are two ways to seduce: through my mind and my body. What a treat if it’s a combination of both! Choice words with a slight nudge of the breast, some sexy banter then a bump from the hip, and I’m ready! It doesn’t take much to get me going. Sometimes just a laugh or naughty stare and I’m on board!” -FS, 29

“Flirt with me and give me that Olivia Wilde look–that stare of passion as she bites her lip that lets you know she’s a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. But when it comes to pre-game sex, I like it when a woman sits on my face. It might sound crass, but allowing me to give her pleasure through cunnilingus prior to doing the actual deed is the form of seduction I prefer.” -Kevin, 28

“I’m not afraid of experimentation. I like being tied up, spanked, and when the timing is right, be the dominant one who does the punishing as well. If she can win me over by telling me all the nasty, wild, NSFW things she’ll do with me behind closed doors, I’d gladly be the slave to her master.” -Sev, 26

“I think it should be the man who seduces the woman. I find it sexier when the woman is the one pursued in a sexual manner, allowing the guy to bust out his best moves in the hopes of converting her into his lover. When the situation is like this, it’s more of a turn on. Ladies, let the guys do the perusing; this way, you satisfy his urge to work for it.” -Francis, 29

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