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Just A Bunch Pics That Show How Local Celebs *Soft Launched* Their Relationships On IG

Keep it ~low-key~.
how to soft launch a relationship
PHOTO: (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/dominicroque, Instagram/bianxa

Sharing your *new* relationship online can be daunting, especially when you're still in the process of truly getting to know each otherbut you don't have to overthink it. If you want to let everyone know that you're seeing someone without ~officially~ announcing it (Think: posting a couple pic on IG), you can soft launch your relationship instead. 

Okay, so what exactly is a "soft launch"? 

According to the Urban Dictionary, a soft launch is a "photo preview of a talking stage before it becomes an official relationship on social media, i.e., taking photos of their dinner plate and their hands, half their face or their shoes as to allude there's someone special in your life." (READ MORE: Here's Exactly Why You Should Soft Launch Your Relationship On Instagram

This tactic isn't exactly new. In fact, many celebrities have soft-launched their relationships before making things IG-official! Check out how they did it below: 


How To Soft Launch Your Relationship On IG, As Seen On Celebs 

1. Credit your new Instagram Boyfriend. ;) 

Let's be real: Once you've made things official, your S.O. automatically becomes your IG Boyfriend, a.k.a. your photographer-slash-hype girl. Lol! Why not credit him in your next IG post? Upload a cute pic (or video) of yourself from your date and simply tag his handle in the caption just like what celebs Maymay Entrata and Bea Alonzo did here.

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2. Post a snap of your date night on IG Stories.

It's a *super subtle* way to let your circle know that you're seeing someone. 

3. Show off his side profile, back, or even his arm! 

This is the most common way to soft launch a relationship. 


4. Include a *random* photo with him (or her) in a carousel post on IG. 

5. If you're both ready to show a lil PDA, take a pic of your hands clasped together!

You can also tag his IG handle to take it a step further. ;) Fun fact: This was how actress Bianca Umali low-key revealed that she's in a relationship with Lolong star Ruru Madrid. She even showed off their cute couple tattoos

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