This Woman Turned Up To Her Tinder Dates Wearing A Wedding Dress

PHOTO: YouTube/Laurbubble

When it comes to making first impressions on a Tinder date, showing up in a wedding dress and veil has to top of the list of seriously awkward things to do.

While it sounds like the ultimate dating disaster, one brave woman has gone there.

Comedienne Laura Bubble went on a series of "pretend" first dates dressed in the full bridal ensemble; a white gown and veil complete with a bouquet. Her aim was to capture the reactions of the gullible men who were taken in by her hilarious prank. Of course, the cringe-worthy scenarios made for excellent viewing.

"Isn't it all a bit soon," said one poor guy. "We've only just met really."

Another unsuspecting man questioned whether his mate Dave was playing a practical joke and one man, Max, was so put off by the dress that he denied his identity.

"I'm not Max. Who? Max?" he said.

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A few of Laura's dates stayed around long enough to find out they were part of her brilliant escapade, which was all in the name of charity.

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Laura is one of the many YouTubers showing their support for the Stand Up For Cancer campaign running this October.

"Stand up to Cancer were running a fundraising campaign on the theme of rebellion and asked vloggers to get involved," Laura explained to Metro.

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"As I have never done a prank video before, I decided to buy a wedding dress on eBay and give it a go."

While Laura didn't get to enjoy any second dates, she did say she "met some lovely guys."

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