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Love Horoscopes: Summer Flings For Singles

Is a romantic relationship written in the stars for you this summer? Click through for your sign and find out!


Throughout the beginning of the summer season, you may feel a strong urge to go and grab a luscious cutie by the arm and have your way with him. However, you may focus more on your needs, making it quite a one-sided affair. Curb your self-indulgence by inviting a well-toned hunk out for some extreme sports or hiking. With just the two of you out on some lonely mountain you may learn to share and give more.

This month, you may have a rather laid back approach as the summer heat intensifies. A trip to the cooler regions of the country with lots of nature may help you feel a bit more energetic. Gather your strength, as you're bound to meet someone quiet on the outside but volatile on the inside. Squeeze that sizzling side out of him with some naughty teasing. Be careful, though, as your first clash may be about money.

May to early June finds you in the arms of a family friend. Your rapport may be lively and animated, but you may disagree on many things. Even though bedroom antics are fun and playful, it's not worth arguing all the time over who leads the conversations.


The first few weeks of summer could be a little frustrating in the field of romance, as energy could be exhausted by trying to please another too much. Your patience may be tested by friends and potential partners. You may display a bit of a temper, which is unusual for you.

This April brings back your temperance and grace, but your stubbornness may be intensified, bringing a willful exchange between you and a gorgeous stud at work. If you two aren't willing to share and be open to new ideas in public, why not have some give and take in private, most especially under the sheets?

Early May gives you a chance to try your wit and charm with someone. This cutie is looking for an intellectual and verbal rapport. Learn the topics that make him tick to keep up and get your hearts pumping.

The rest of May until early June may find you absolutely infatuated with a sensible man who loves family and children. This genteel and eloquent creature definitely looks like boyfriend material. He may be looking for long-term commitment, so don't let him down.


It's going to be a hot summer for you, especially at the start of the season, when you don't need that sip of vodka to boost your self-confidence. It's all you, baby! You've got wit, glitz, and style to attract one gorgeous babe, but be sure your forwardness doesn't scare the poor sap away.

This month may only strengthen your resolve to hook that cutie and make him yours. But if he doesn't return your affections soon, you're likely to bolt and never look back, especially since early May seems like a great month to meet new hunks at prestigious events. Get cozy with some hot buttered popcorn, with you wrapped in the arms of a sensitive hottie sometime in late May. If you're impressed with his intellectual brawn, this affair could last until June or maybe even way past it. He could get a little too sticky-clingy for comfort at times, but if you run, he may likely chase you, and you like a good game of tag every now and then.

Don't be rude and bossy to a certain someone at your workplace, as this darling may actually be a potential love interest. Early summer may have you rather straightforward and focused on your career. People may also find you a little intimidating. Cast off that tough act for now to show a bit of vulnerability, especially to that gorgeous co-worker.

This April can give you a new outlook concerning a certain someone, but you may be too focused on work to really mind any of his advances. Money could be of utmost importance this month. Still, you like a good playful tumble with someone under the sheets, especially if it involves a lot of snuggling. But you won't take any relationship lightly, so be sure that you and that special guy are on the same page when it comes to commitment.

Early May gives you a craving for some intellectual rapport with someone. Without it, boredom could set in and could make you restless and depressed. You'll be in a romantic mood when mid-May arrives, but be sure you have a sweetie with you whom you can cuddle and watch sappy movies with. You may meet someone delightful at a family reunion or even at your nearest video rental shop.


The first few weeks of summertime may bring about a certain competitive streak in you. It's a wonderful idea to partake in sports and games that allow you to practice your sense of sportsmanship and fun. Just don't keep poking teasing and challenging remarks at that cute player, or else your friendly rivalry may turn into a cat-and-dog relationship.

This month, there may be quite some serious tiffs with a certain someone due to differences. One of you ought to give in, even just an inch, for better harmony in the bedroom.

Early May promises a meeting with a witty sweet-talker at a grand party. The intellectual rapport may be so tight, that nobody may be able to tear you two away from each other.

As June approaches, there may be a clash with someone concerning jealousy, insecurities, and time management. Be sure you find a balance between career and a love interest.


Dates may be enjoyable sometime in the earlier half of summer, especially if you attend parties and social or sports events. But arguing about who's right or wrong is likely with your dashing companion. You're logical and know your stuff, but sometimes a likely beau doesn't want to hear all that and be corrected. Be witty, but be less of a nerd and a verbal perfectionist.

Money will be a very important matter this month, perhaps because you may be traveling to the countryside. You may have to decide which is more important to you--career or love. You have a tendency to be a workaholic and be with a lot of people, which leaves little room for a special man. Share even just one night with a lusty creature to unwind and relax when work gives you stress.

May is a month of many arguments, unfortunately, but the verbal clash of wits with a talkative gentleman may actually be a turn-on. You two need the freedom to express yourselves to each other without holding back.

As the month of June approaches, you'll be quite moody. The home may be where you can rest for now, so do some cleaning up and detoxing.

You are usually romantic and crave companionship, but the start of summer may find you incredibly bossy and not quite the dainty bunny that guys usually dream about. Still, your strength may attract that certain type of male that likes a powerful woman.

This April has you thinking about turning a current affair into a serious relationship, but you may have to tone down the tough girl image. Wear frills and lace, and be a little vulnerable when you're alone with your darling.

May gives you an edge, as you'll be at your charming, flirtatious best. Be sure you choose the right guy to target at a social event, or you may end up as just "one of those chicks."

Snuggling is likely by mid-May, but your moods may be overwhelming. Bring out your childlike innocence by going on a date to an amusement park or a toy store. A giant stuffed toy won or bought for you by your caring date may cheer you up and make you feel tingly all over.


With your magnetic charisma, you have the confidence to get any guy you want, although this summer, your feelings and emotions may confuse you. The first few weeks of summer show your aggressive, tiger-like approach to a certain hottie, but you may have to decide whether you really want him or you're just testing your hypnotic power.

This April finds you having a love-hate relationship with a sensual someone. At times, you feel like strangling each other, but on good days, the lovemaking may be exceptionally stupendous! Where to go from there may be the question that's constantly on your mind. Do you love him or are you in it just for the incredible sex?

Watch for early May, when your energies may be slightly depleted from attending too many social events. Sometimes not even a good, lusty man can satisfy you at this time. You'll be feeling better in mid-May, but you may become emotional and utterly moody, especially if a certain someone doesn't pay attention to your needs. Lay down the ground rules. Are you two ready for a serious relationship or will both of you grant each other the freedom to see anyone you want? You're not likely to agree to the latter.


This summer, get ready for some adventure! You'll be one tough cookie in the first few weeks of summertime, like a heroine in armor dashing off to help the underdog. In fact, instead of the man being the chivalrous one, you may actually be his knight in shining armor. Some men actually dig a woman in uniform, even if only metaphorically. You may actually save one gorgeous bloke from a bad relationship. Just be sure you're not the cause of it turning sour, however, as you have a tendency to speak your mind quite bluntly and tactlessly.

This month has you torn between a desire for commitment and the urge to be a free woman. There's no rush. Why do you need to decide immediately? You may choose your freedom, however, since come May, you'll be wild like the wind, galloping from one event to another. Be sure you know what you're doing when you approach a certain stud muffin at a party, as it doesn't look like he's the choirboy type and he seems to love dirty sex. As long as you don't have any expectations, you won't be too vulnerable to hurt.

The need for travel may be quite strong this summer, especially if you've saved up and planned for this for a long time. Early summer brings much conflict and confrontation with co-workers and maybe even family--perhaps a misunderstanding concerning schedule and free time. A potential lover may be particularly annoyed with your focus on yourself. You may have to tell him to shut up, because you sure deserve some rest and relaxation.

You'll feel calmer and more settled this month, but someone's advances may irritate you more than give you that romantic feeling. It may be time to scratch him off your little black book.

May until early June gives you a happy feeling, especially with talks of emotional commitment with someone special. But think it over; work could get in the way of pleasure. Your girlfriends' babies seem mighty cute, however, giving you the urge to finally start a family.


Wow! You've got quite a certain charm that borders on sex appeal! Flaunt it this summer, especially at the start of the season. Don't be combative, however, when some hunks whistle at your sexy bikini or naughtily slap your behind. It may not be surprising if you give them a punch in the jaw. Try to smile flirtatiously instead, even if it kills you. This could win you the affectionate and undivided attention of a very passionate stud.

This month could be a bit boring and dragging, as you'd rather be lazy and fashionable than chase after a man who doesn't know how to treat a lady. This may be a chance to relax and pamper yourself.

You'll be newly energized come May, when the excitement finally builds up with a lot of social events. Take a date to cocktails, but be sure your focus is on him and not on that cutie sipping his glass of liquor. Watch that you don't do a balancing act between two gorgeous men, even if you find it thrilling to sneak into the sack with either of them.

As June approaches, you're ready for some quiet time with family and younger relatives.


You'll be quite a sexy beauty under the sun this summer. Be sure not to stay in the heat too long, however, as you're likely to destroy your skin this way. The start of summer gives you quite an outgoing personality that may make one gorgeous hunk crave your smile and laughter. Be sure you know when to draw the line when he becomes too demanding and thinks he's all that.

This April and even early May may bring about confusion about a certain love interest. You're not sure about his feelings, especially since he rarely compliments or praises you, and he hasn't even given you a special gift that's proven he's interested.

Mid-May, however, may finally win you the attention and affection of a caring honey. You may be both equally clingy, and you both long for some emotional security. Just be sure that familiarity doesn't breed contempt, as you may spend hours and hours in each other's arms. As long as your togetherness doesn't bring a prickly feeling in the long run, it's a happy pairing with tender sexual coupling.

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