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Love Lessons From The People Of Manila

From your favorite tita to your lovable driver, everyone's got something to say about love.

1. Your family's opinion about your S.O. matters. You’re old enough to know that the “Us Against The World” type of love is total B.S. and only really happens in the movies. So before you get annoyed with your mom/tita/tito/lolo/lola for constantly nagging you to bring your boyfriend to your family lunch, remember that they only want to meet him and see if he’s good for you.

2. So does your driver's. I was once told that a person's true character is revealed by how he treats regular folks like waiters, janitors, security guards, and drivers. So if he doesn't respect or at least try to be friendly with your beloved Kuya Jun, ditch him. 

3. Your tita will always know a guy who’s "perfect" for you. Why don't you give your Tita's amiga's son a shot and go on a date with him? He might just end up being your future husband. #TitasKnowBest

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4. This is basically the definition of love in the modern age. Thanks, Conyos of Manila.

5. Your brother will ALWAYS hate your boyfriend—just because he's your brother. Sure they get along about the latest computer game or play fantasy ball together, but your brother will always ~*secretly*~ dislike him. It's probably because he's a guy too and knows how stupid they can get. He's just being protective, that's all. Talk about tough love. 

And just for kicks, here's someone else from Manila who has a few words of wisdom for you:

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