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5 Misconceptions About Girls Picking The Bad Boys Over The Good Guys

Oh, 'cos bad boys are fun? Please.

1. “Bad boys are confident and can approach girls. Good guys just stand there.”

Sure, bad boys are confident. But who says good guys aren’t confident, too? Also, the confidence the bad boys have is bordering on cocky, and some girls aren’t into that. They’re more attracted to a confident good guy who socializes or to a confident guy who opts to just be quiet, or an awkward guy who makes the moves…the variety is practically endless!

2. “Bad boys are charming. They can approach all the girls, even the ones who aren’t their type.”

LOL and who said being approached by a bad boy out of the blue is a good innocent thing? And that it’ll make the girl, whoever she is and whatever her type is, fall madly in love with him? Some girls think bad guys are always trouble and push them away (sometimes impolitely), which, to be fair, isn’t always a good thing either. (Because who knows, right?)

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3. “Bad boys are fun while good guys are boring.”

This is all very subjective. Girls can actually be bored and frustrated with a bad boy, whether it’s ’cos he’s not bad (read: wild in bed) enough for her or he’s bad in the way she doesn’t like (read: beats people up). Face it, “bad” and “good” are always left to be defined. It’s a bit sad when people think that girls just go for the bad boy because they want some fun in their lives, as if they can’t have fun on their own.

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4. “Girls always want to change the bad boy.”

Some of us girls are really into the bad boy, fall madly in love with him, and wouldn’t change a single thing about him for the world. What’s also sad is that girls are being viewed to have this kind of Messianic complex, to not know how to be in a relationship (by not accepting the person for who he is), or to enter one for the wrong reason (to change the guy). A lot of girls aren’t like that. If they like you, they like you; you don’t have to change your character or personality.

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5. “Girls end up with the good guys because they can’t deal with the bad boys.”

Granted a girl has ended up with a good guy after being with a bad boy. She might have learned that she doesn’t want to be with a bad boy after all. But the cliché saying springs from the idea or context that she wanted to change him, make him good, but failed. Of course she’s going to fail, because we ourselves can’t just change other people if they don’t want to change. Rarely does this saying ever mean “Yeah, she’s with a good guy now—a guy who’s good to her—because the bad boy she was with was an asshole to her.” Which in this case, she wins for knowing her value and keeping her self-respect.

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