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7 Beautiful Things About A Long Distance Relationship

The kilig never goes away.
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1. You become more motivated to reach your long-term goals.

Whether you are away from each other because of school, work, or any other circumstance, you always become inspired and motivated to do your best, because you know very well that every single thing that you do is for you and your partner in the long run. You think of it as the grand prize for all your sacrifices and efforts, so you don’t mind the obstacles that come with your current situation.

2. You realize that absence does make the heart grow fonder.

That constant feeling of missing your special someone makes you look forward to the day when you can finally see him or her again. Days become shorter and hours become less boring at work as your excitement builds up, and crossing dates on the calendar has never been so thrilling for you!

3. You learn to value the time you have as a couple even more.

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Unlike usual couples, you guys know that you’re different because you don’t have the luxury of seeing each other anytime you want. As a result, every minute that you spend together becomes more special, and you start valuing the littlest things that you normally do like going home at the same time or eating at your favorite ice cream joint after a tiring day at work.

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4. You learn the value of patience and sacrifice.

A long distance relationship is no easy situation to deal with, and being in one makes you realize that you can’t always have what you ask for. There are moments when you have to set your personal needs aside, and it’s perfectly fine for you because you understand that the relationship you’re in requires extra TLC.

5. You always feel butterflies in your stomach whenever you see your partner.

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The best part of any long distance relationship is that giddy feeling you get when you finally see your partner after months or even years. The kilig never goes away, and you always feel like you’re in the honeymoon stage whenever you reunite! Yieee.

6. You relationship matures without you realizing it.

You slowly understand that your old selfish ways don’t have a room anymore in this type of relationship, and you discover the significance of equally giving and taking for your relationship to thrive. Immature and petty fights no longer exist between the two of you, and feelings of paranoia are replaced with understanding and trust.

7. You discover how strong your relationship is.

A long distance relationship is undoubtedly tough, and there are moments that you spend thinking if it’s still worth all those cold and lonesome nights. Every day, you face a decision between pursuing the more difficult road full of bumps and turns, or just turning back because it’s the easier way to go. Being in a long distance relationship takes a lot of courage and strength, and you realize that overcoming the difficulties that come with it is the perfect manifestation of a love that is true.

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