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Can Pineapples ~Really~ Change The Way Your Vagina Smells?

Everybody's convinced it does!
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A friend once told me that she doesn't like it when her boyfriend goes down on her because she thinks her vagina smells weird. So she told him that he didn't have to eat her out. Ok, ok, ok... 1) Her vagina probably smells like how a vagina should smell and 2) That's not a good enough reason to say no to oral sex. 

Thanks to porn (plus everything else else that dictate what a ~*correct*~ vagina should look like), women are programmed to believe that vaginas should look and smell like a delicate flower. As a result, we do everything humanly possible to achieve that rainbows-and-unicorns scent, including eating certain foods that are rumored to change the way we smell down there. 

When you do a quick Google search, the list of recommended foods to eat to alter the way your vagina smells or tastes is endless. And the most popular food out there? PINEAPPLES.

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Now, there's no denying that some foods affect how our secretions smell (read: asparagus pee), but can pineapples really change the way vaginas smell or taste? 

Unfortunately, there hasn't been extensive research done on the matter. But OBGYN Alyssa Dweck shared that some of her patients who took the pineapple tip to heart did notice some changes..."in a good way." Urologist Koushik Shaw added, "In some ways, 'you are what you eat.'" But that changes in the way you taste down there shouldn't be expected in an instant. He continued, "Prostate fluid in ejaculate can be made weeks or months before."

While it definitely can't hurt to try—fruits are good for you anyway—there's probably nothing wrong with the way you smell or taste. Try embracing your natural scent first and please, do us a solid, and never say no to oral. (Unless you think you have an infection, in which case, see your OB ASAP.) 

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