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Signs He's A Great Lover

It's easy to tell if a man is an animal in bed if you know what traits to look for. Cosmo shares the telltale signs you're dealing with a secret Casanova!

You can size up a man’s passion potential before you slip between the sheets. Some hints:

He climbs the work ladder.
Goal-oriented guys may strive to be your best and ensure you climax.

He’s an adventure magnet.
Thrill-seekers might also bring that element of excitement to sex.

He takes you to an installation art exhibit.
Guys who come up with creative dates may be more likely to suggest new sex positions too.

He busts a move.
Dancing shows he’s uninhibited and comfortable in his own skin.

He hits the gym.
Athletes have more blood flow to the genitals and thus stronger sex drives and firmer erections.

He looks you in the eye.
If he really listens and asks you questions, it’s a good bet that he’ll be extremely engaged and in tune with you sexually.

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