This Singing, Dancing Penis Is Cuter Than It Sounds

Also, this dancing vagina.
PHOTO: Project Consent

To send the message that consent is pretty simple to understand, Project Consent — a student-led nonprofit that "aims to combat and deconstruct rape culture"—released three videos of dancing private parts earlier this week. And I know what you're thinking. This sounds scary, because a severed, dancing penis IRL would haunt your dreams forever. But I swear these are really cute. 

In each video, a penis (or a man's hand in one) is hanging out and having fun with a woman's butt, vagina, or boob, until it makes an inappropriate advance. 

Like here, where the penis just sorta falls over against the vagina, and the vagina's like, "no."

Or here, where the hand and boob are laughing until the hand squeezes the boob unexpectedly.

Or this one, where the penis whistles at the butt and flops against it.

The point of each of these videos is, of course, that you don't have to say "no" to clearly communicate disinterest in an unwanted advance. The boob rejects the man's hand simply by saying, "Woah," and the vagina steps back and says, "Hey!" when the dancing penis falls against it. In each scenario, the offending penis or hand steps back and apologizes for being inappropriate. 

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As Sara Li, founder and head of Project Consent, told Micshe wanted to use actual animated genitals (instead of a different, slightly less graphic metaphor) because Project Consent "felt like it was unnecessary to use symbolic replacements in these discussions." She thinks the conversation around consent is muddied enough without adding in extra symbols or metaphors to decode.

"Consent shouldn't be difficult or hard to talk about; we shouldn't need to use tea or anything else to explain what is or isn't inappropriate," she told Mic. "Talking about consent, or sex, or anything under that umbrella, shouldn't be taboo. Hopefully the nature of these videos has opened up an important dialogue."

The videos definitely send a clear message about consent, and how people with grabby hands and wanton penises might react when someone communicates disinterest, or doesn't say "yes." And also, they're really cute and oddly satisfying to watch. 

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