5 New Ah-mazing Ways To Masturbate

Solo sex positions you absolutely need to try.
PHOTO: Nick Onken

Here are five ways to go beyond the usual solo techniques you might be familiar with. (Which, of course, are also plenty great.) So, get to it.

1. The Slip And Slide

If you've accidentally/on purpose discovered the sublime delights of running water on your vag via shower head or tub faucet, you must try pressing said vag against the water jets shooting into an (unpopulated—important!) pool or hot tub. Arrange yourself near a sexy-looking jet and ... oh ... god ... what were we talking about? Try cool or (sorta!) hot jets for different water lovin'. 

2. The Electric Threesome

Spend some money and invest in a really, really good toy, or better yet, a few of them. I would so, so recommend choosing an oral sex simulator like The Womanizer or Lelo Ora 2 to work its insanely perfect magic on the outside, while you slide a G-spot vibe or even an old-school dildo inside to attend to your internal stimulation needs. Even if you think you're not that sensitive, V-wise, if you do this, oh, you will be this time around. #Trust.

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3. Double Circles

This one comes via sexy sex ed site, OMGYES. With one finger, circle your clit and, at the same time, use a finger from the other hand to circle the entrance to your V. The lower hand circles at a slower tempo so there's a coordination learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, you will be quite grateful for your new skill. (If you or your lover needs assistance and/or inspiration as to how women actually like to be touched—as opposed the ramming finger-up-the-V technique guys learn from porn—get over and look at the site at once. There's a fee for full access, but you can poke around a bit, so to speak, for free.)

4. Pretend Lover

Pop a dildo on a chair or on your bed and F that thing wildly, rubbing yourself as you go. Get into it and let yourself go—rock your hips against that lova sexily and moan loudly (close windows first). Even if you can't come with penetration (note: like practically everyone.)it can feel damn good to be penetrated. Plus if you're a little inhibited, this will help should you decide to take on some non-pretend lovers.

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5. Mirror Mirror

Grab a big-ass tube of lube (you'll be needing it) and seat yourself in front of a full-length mirror. Drizzle lube over your nipples and play with your boobs, sliding your hands over them, pinching, squeezing—just generally figuring out what you like. Take more lube and slather it over your belly, your inner thighs, and gradually on your vulva. Open wide and really look at yourself. Watch how you get wet and flushed when you're really turned on. Instead of thinking anything even remotely judgmental (stop it!), become fascinated on how completely sexy you look. If this feels weird, that's means you extra need to do it. 


This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.

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