Stages of Summer Flings, By Age

Oh, to be young and wild and hormonal.

AGE 11 – 13
OMG. I met the cutest boy through my cousin while we were hanging out this summer. This could be the best summer ever: the summer I finally meet the love of my life. (Also, the summer I finally got my period. Booyah!)

AGE 14 – 16
I’m totally crushing on this guy I met at a friend’s party during summer break. I thought he liked me, too, but then he just sort of stopped calling and texting. What could’ve gone wrong? Maybe he’s shy? Maybe his parents are strict? Maybe he already has a girlfriend? If he does, well then…I hate him.

Sandy in Grease

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AGE 17 – 20
Finally, my parents let me go on an out-of-town beach trip with my barkada. Now I can reel some guy in with these ripe, womanly curves. Doesn’t matter who, as long as there’s a guy.  I’m not going to be the only girl in our group without some random stranger to flirt with. I won’t allow it.

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AGE 21 – 23
I thought we had a connection. I thought we really hit it off that night by the bonfire, and that moonlit kiss was off the charts. So how come he didn’t ask me out once the vacation had ended? I know he lives, like, five cities away, but we could try, right?

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AGE 24 – 26
Ugh. I blame the damn vodka. Should I keep in touch with him, or at least add him on Facebook or follow him on IG? It seems rude not to, since we exchanged numbers and work histories and bodily fluids and all that.

AGE 27 – 28
Sure, we had fun hanging out while on vacation, but if nothing comes out of this, I’m not going to lose sleep over it. I have enough work and bills waiting for me back home without having to worry about some dude I don’t even like all that much.

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AGE 29 – 30
Summer fling? Ha! I'll be spending this entire trip with just my girlfriends. I’m too old for the messy makeout sessions and awkward goodbyes that go with a summer fling. Besides, in this one-piece granny swimsuit, I doubt I'll be attracting hordes of horny vacationers anytime soon. I’ll just lie on a lounge chair with a book. And a margarita.

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Summer fling? Ha! Summer love is for the young and hormone-crazed. I’ll probably spend whatever free time I have this summer at home. Asleep.

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