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Stay Hot Even When You're Coupled Up

Looking as smoking as you were the first time he laid eyes on you will not only pump up your confidence, it will also make him work extra hard to keep such a hot honey.

As a fixture on the single-gal circuit, you probably always made it a point to look good, even when just dashing out for a quick coffee. And really, it’s a relief not to have to care so much about, say, retouching your lip gloss and trading candy-striped jammies for silky lingerie, once your babe is hooked. “Having the confidence to be yourself is important, but still making the effort to look hot—because you want to—will have a positive effect on your duo,” says Stan J. Katz, PhD, consulting psychologist on the TV show Starting Over. “Men are highly visual creatures. The way you look and dress will always be a driving force in his attraction to you.”


When Tara, 27, was still solo, appearance was key to her. “My friends nicknamed me The Diva because I wouldn’t even go to the gym without applying mascara and straightening my hair. I was totally aware of being on the market and how I came across to men.” Now that she’s a cozy twosome with Chad, Tara’s at the opposite end of the spectrum. “Even if I’m in my sweats and wearing my nerdy reading glasses, Chad still tells me I look great. I love how easygoing he is, but it makes me a little lazy.”

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Feeling secure with your guy is great for your ego, but getting slothlike about your appearance isn’t. So even if your man insists there’s no need, throw on some lip gloss and slide into those eat-your-heart-out jeans for yourself. “Knowing that you look not just acceptable, but smokin’, will put you in a sexy state of mind and boost your confidence,” says Katz. And most important, remind your man that he has to do all he can to keep his hot girlfriend happy.