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9 Struggles You Face If Your Boyfriend Smokes

Secondhand smoke is no joke.
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1. Smelling like cigarette smoke at the end of the day.

Even when you aren’t the one huffing and puffing on those death-sticks, your clothes and your hair start reeking because of secondhand smoke. It’s just not fair!

2. When he goes in for a kiss, all you can taste is the nicotine.

It used to be an interesting sensation, but now, it’s just plain gross. YUCK! Before slopping one on you, tell him to brush his teeth—stat!

3. Stinky breath!

Not that he has halitosis, but you’re just not used to conversing with a human ashtray.

4. Your place has now taken on the smell of a rancid dive bar.

Every time he’s in your condo, he can’t help but light one up. Now, your curtains, couch, and bed sheets are always in need of a visit to the laundry.

5. He associates smoking cigarettes with almost everything in his routine.

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Whether he’s having his morning coffee, finishing up a meal, drinking with his buds, or (for chrissakes) taking a dump, his need to burn one down is just too real!

6. You sometimes feel left out of yosi break sessions. 

Don't worry! You’re not missing anything important, aside from the usual small talk. Don’t even think about starting this nasty habit!

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7. Telling him off when he’s feeling rebellious.

He tries to smoke even when there’s a large “NO SMOKING” sign plastered on the walls. It stresses you out every time he feels the need to argue with you. Sakit sa ulo!

8. You’re constantly worried about his health.

Because, clearly, smoking is bad for your health! And since you love him, you want him to live longer.

9. You’re also getting worried about your own health.

Secondhand smoke is no joke. If he really loves you, he’d make an effort to keep you away from his toxic vices. 

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