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Do You Still Use Latex Condoms?


Japanese condom brand Okamoto uses a material made of "sheerlon" in response to people who aren't fans of rubber because they think it hampers arousal or lessens the feeling during sex, making the experience less intimate. This so-called "sheerlon" is an exclusive latex-compound that’s so moldable, it can be stretched thinner than ordinary latex condoms. It’s also softer, silkier, and the closest way to feel like your guy's not wearing a condom. got to chat with Czarina Regino, Okamoto's Brand Manager (as of the interview), and we found out that their most popular product is the Zero .03 Platinum condom. FYI, this 0.3mm variant has half the thickness of a normal condom, which is around .06 mm. Women who want more friction usually go for the Harmony pack because it’s ribbed. There's also such a thing as a "double fit" design, called Roman condoms, which can be likened to ~*skinny jeans*~ that show off the contour of the body.


Okamoto’s flavored condoms are carried in Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore, and will soon make their way to the Philippines. Vanilla or strawberry flavor, anyone?

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